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a small asexual spore that develops inside the cell of some bacteria and algae

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02 NCBI project ED 335132 NCBI Bio- PRJNA335132 Project Accession Project Environmental relevance and biotechnological MIGS ID Property Domain Bacteria Current Classification Phylum Firmicutes Class Bacilli Order Bacillales Family Bacillaceae Genus Bacillus Species lonarensis Strain 2 5 nig Gram stain Positive Cell shape Rod Motility Motile Sporulation Terminal endospore former Temperature 20-50[degrees]C range Optimum Temp.
Out of the 30 isolated bacteria 24 were gram positive and 6 gram negative, 21 bacteria possesses capsule and 20 bacteria contains endospore.
Its colony appeared off-white, small, smooth/elevated and wet had given positive result for gram staining and negative result for both endospore stains and motility test (Table 1).
Morphologically, the colonies were irregular and mucoid and microscopic observation showed presence of Gram positive rods in chains or single, and at a definite stage in growth cycle the cells also showed presence of endospores and capsule.
Endospore formation in Clostridium and its interaction with solventogenesis
Standard microbiological protocols were performed without modification (Leboffe and Pierce, 2010): Simple stain, negative stain, Gram stain, endospore stain, capsule stain (Hiss Method), wet mount, aerotolerance, inoculation on eosin-methylene blue agar, catalase activity, oxidase activity (BBL DrySlide, Becton Dickinson Co.
Endospore staining was carried out by heating the air dried bacterial smear with malachite green for 5 min, followed by rinsing with water and counterstaining with safranin for 30s.
The isolates designated as Iso2 and Iso3 were Gram--positive, aerobic, endospore forming rods.
cereus obtained from stool specimens were further tested for their motility, endospore formation, followed by species confirmation using biochemical tests with API-50 CHB kit (bioMerieux, La Balme Les Grottes, France).
Pasteurii however, has an ability to produce the endospore, a dormant form of the cell, to endure extreme environment so if in future cracks treated with this technique widens then again B.
When an endospore-forming species stops growing, it starts forming endospores and when favorable conditions return, the endospores germinate to produce new vegetative cells (one endospore germinates into only one vegetative cell).
Both the AC- and DC-treated manure had less diverse colony morphologies, with the large globular endospore colonies predominating, and fewer rod shaped bacterial colonies than in the raw manure.
This could be due to the spore forming nature of Bacillus as endospore forming bacteria are widely distributed in soil habitats.