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nutritive tissue surrounding the embryo within seeds of flowering plants

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In angiosperms, seed development begins with double fertilization, during which both the zygote and the endosperm are formed.
Such endoproteinases are important because they are responsible for transforming the grain endosperm storage proteins into soluble proteins, amino acids and peptides that can be metabolized and utilized by the growing plantlet.
The rupture of endosperm is main germination-limiting factor in seeds of Solanaceae (e.
Freeze-dried endosperms were pulverized in a Wig-L-Bug Dental Amalgamator (Crescent Dental Mfg.
Flint corns, sometimes called hard corns, have a lot of "flinty" endosperm and only a little "flour" endosperm.
This is due to the abundance of zein fraction of protein in the endosperm, which is very low in lysine content and lacking in tryptophan", the study observes.
Each plant binds its starch into distinctive granules in its endosperm.
Furthermore, progeny from different maternal families resembled one another significantly more than progeny of the same mother, suggesting that genomic imprinting in the endosperm could be in part responsible for this pattern of variance components.
For whole plant silage or grain production, important studies have shown that the type of endosperm in the grain assumes an important role in the quality and in the final use of the food (Corona, Owens, & Zinn, 2006; Majee, Shaver, Coors, Sapienza, & Lauer, 2008; Vieira, Moro, Farinacio, Martin, & Menezes, 2011; Zsubori et al.
1985), which is more dominantly attributable to the changing activities of soluble starch synthase (SSS), starch branching enzyme (SBE) and starch debranching enzyme (DBE) in filling endosperms, rather than the limitation in sucrose supply from photosynthesis tissues and its cleavage metabolism in non-photosynthesis tissues.
New mutants for endosperm and embryo characters in rice: Two dull endosperms and a giant embryo, p.
Abortion commences early in kernel development, before 12 d after pollination, at about the same period normal kernels undergo endosperm cell division, kernel enlargement begins, and DNA endoreduplicates (Kiniry and Ritchie, 1985; Artlip et al.
ABA accumulates in endosperms or whole kernels in response to water deprivation (Ober et al.
Endosperm nuclei (a combination of three endosperms per petri dish) were stained with mithramycin A (a GC-binding DNA fluorochrome; Sigma, St.