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A 3D CAD image of the endoskeleton of the robot hand is shown in Fig.
8226; Six-sided endoskeleton with shock-absorbing materials to help protect against drops
Abbreviations: AMP = Amputee Mobility Predictor, COM = center of mass, COP = center of pressure, DMERC = Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier, DR = dynamic response, GRF = ground reaction force, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, PVD = peripheral vascular disease, SACH = solid ankle cushion heel, SAFE = stationary attachment flexible endoskeleton, SD = standard deviation, SEW = Symmetry in External Work, TTA = transtibial amputation, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
By 1984, the year of Neuromancer, the term "cyborg" was being used in Terminator for a "cybernetic organism" consisting of human flesh over a robotic endoskeleton.
Schneider said that the interior needed to be gutted and that the wood would have to have been replaced by a more costly steel endoskeleton.
The metepimeron of the terrestrial infraorders of "higher" Heteroptera is usually regarded as greatly reduced to absent or part of the thoracic endoskeleton (cf.
Multiculturalism followed by interculturalism will lead to a deepening of existing cultural heterogeneity as a prerequisite to the concept of "cultural diversity," or finally, the fragmentation of this kind will stop, permitting the existence of a common endoskeleton on which legal culture may form?
Craft is this book's endoskeleton, and close readers will be rewarded with the discovery of muted hymn meters, buried and slanted rhymes, points of view embedded like Russian dolls, and stanza structures as precise and unfathomable as a Fibonacci series.
At the rate of last week's ridiculously good opening double episode, I'll be completely without an endoskeleton and flopped across the arm rest of the sofa like a flamin' jellyfish by the time it's all over.
A metal endoskeleton costs a month's wages and a five-metre roll of synthetic skin won't give any change from a ton.
3 -- 4 -- color) The original full-scale T-800 endoskeleton, left, from "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" was auctioned.
As a result of incorporation, such laws have come to serve as a legal endoskeleton of the federal rights regime, infusing the nation's constitutional order with significant variability.
For the price of two T-bone steaks, the Australian chef provides a master class in the benefits of cooking meat as it died - attached to its endoskeleton.
Such endoskeleton should be the "skeleton of sandstone" of their dark grey nucleus of dolomitic sandstone.
Here's to the skull-art that reminds us of our mortality and our impressive endoskeleton.