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a long slender medical instrument for examining the interior of a bodily organ or performing minor surgery

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The remaining procedures were preformed by a variety of endoscopists from different services.
Previous research has shown that most endoscopists do not consistently agree with the follow-up intervals recommended in national guidelines and report preferences for shorter screening and surveillance intervals," said Sequist.
Both endoscopists had higher adenoma detection rates listening to music when compared with their baseline rates," said lead researcher Dr.
21,27) In the previously described study of cancer surveillance for ulcerative colitis, in which patients were randomized between conventional endoscopy and chromoendoscopy plus eCLE, the average time for conventional endoscopy (31 minutes; range 18-48) was surprisingly not statistically longer than the time (by endoscopists highly experienced in CLE) for combined chromoendoscopy plus eCLE (42 minutes; range, 29-64 minutes), (21) even though an average of 70 CLE images were collected for each patient.
Secondly, the nature of ERCP-related anaesthesia (the semi-prone position, the relatively long period of the procedure and the often quite rapid changes in endoscopist mediated stimulation) pose unique challenges for anaesthetists.
One study showed that the prevalence was higher when endoscopists were made aware and assessed for CIP compared with when endoscopists were not aware (2.
This theory is supported by several findings that have led endoscopists to describe the larynx of children with laryngomalacia as infantile.
The NAO discussed shortages of radiographers, pathologists and endoscopists, who examine the bowel, which also added to delays in patients getting treatment and decreasing their chances of survival.
Shortages of radiographers, pathologists and endoscopists, who examine the bowel, also added to delays in treatment, decreasing patients' chances of survival.
And the National Endoscopy Programme aims to improve endoscopy services, including increasing the number of endoscopists.
GORE VIABIL Biliary Endoprosthesis is engineered using advanced proprietary technology that has helped set the performance standard for fully covered metal stents and has brought proven clinical benefits to the patients that endoscopists serve.
GIQuIC is a national registry that fosters the ability of endoscopists and endoscopy facilities to benchmark their performance, and provides impetus for quality improvement.
This medical compilation features contributions from 12 globally accredited gynecologic endoscopists who have shared their knowledge though excerpts in the book.
In its position statement on the development of nurse endoscopists, the section said the role had the potential to improve timely access to endoscopy services and reduce waiting times.
A very small proportion of the endoscopists in this study, 4.