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a long slender medical instrument for examining the interior of a bodily organ or performing minor surgery

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To audit the GI endoscopy services in KZN and compare these with the current guidelines for infrastructure, number of endoscopists and number of GEs and the effect the available resources and manpower have on achieving a TWR.
This retrospective study was undertaken to compare the relative adenoma detection rates of a single endoscopist at a community hospital versus an academic center.
A survey among four hundred gastroenterologists, endoscopists done in 2010 revealed that 72% had thumb, hand and elbow pain.
In the case of sharp and pointed objects embedded in the esophageal wall without causing perforation, removal with the help of a wasted variceal banding cap should first be kept in mind and can be adopted as a very simple, inexpensive and easy method for all inexperienced endoscopists and units.
Shinya has also defined the alpha loop maneuver and showed that colonoscopy can be done by a single endoscopist.
In conclusion, use of a DCG for ESD can be a very convenient technique for endoscopists as it could reduce the procedural time in Performing Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection.
In Australia, the government is making significant investments for training endoscopists and is also setting up new endoscopy facilities to cater to the growing demand for endoscopy in the country.
These include the training of nurse endoscopists, which in the long term, would help increase endoscopy capacity across the country.
The microendoscope provides images with similar resolution to traditional histology, and allows endoscopists to see individual cells and cell nuclei in lesions suspected of being cancerous.
Other studies have also reported that clinical success rates and complication rates do not differ significantly between EUS-BD and transpapillary stenting when the procedures are performed by expert endoscopists [11, 12].
This instrument brings endoscopists into close contact with patients' secretions.
This programmatic integration allows patients to have same-day oncology consultations as well as immediate access to oncologists by surgeons and endoscopists.
Dr Myung-Whun Sung, CEO of Shaikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital (SKSH-RAK) said the course is a great opportunity for the nurses who are working in more than ten hospitals in the northern emirates to learn about ERCP, a procedure that enables endoscopists to examine the pancreatic and bile ducts.
Two bestselling editions of a book titled 'Practical Endoscopy: Tips by Experts', a medical compilation of contributions from over 12 world-renowned gynecologic endoscopists as well as Dr.
The study demonstrated that endoscopists commonly recommended shorter follow-up intervals than established guidelines support, and these recommendations were strongly correlated with subsequent colonoscopy overuse.