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a long slender medical instrument for examining the interior of a bodily organ or performing minor surgery

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These data were used to generate a procedural logbook for each endoscopist and, for competency, were based on the published guidelines [3] of the American Society of Gastroenterology (ASGE), specifically noting the following quality markers: (i) number of procedures per individual endoscopist; (ii) quality of the bowel preparation; (iii) number of times the caecum was intubated; (iv) number of adenomas detected at each procedure; (v) complications; and (vi) number of incomplete procedures.
The study demonstrated that endoscopists commonly recommended shorter follow-up intervals than established guidelines support, and these recommendations were strongly correlated with subsequent colonoscopy overuse.
Screening endoscopists are required to pass an endoscopy 'driving test' before being allowed to screen and have their screening data rigorously evaluated.
It is hoped the addition of a nurse endoscopist will increase capacity at the hospital and reduce patient waiting times.
Treading the sometimes fine line between unwanted respiratory depression and patient hyperresponsiveness, although readily achievable in the vast majority of cases, is only perfected with experience and by maintaining good communication with endoscopists.
Three of these cases were documented in a prospective series of 392 patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy over a period of 15 months by a single endoscopist.
The difference is more than semantic: the cost of an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist providing anesthesia is considerably greater than the cost for the endoscopist to sedate the patient himself or herself while performing the endoscopy.
She has recently presented a lecture on her work in the field of Laparoscopy at the All American Society of Gynecological Endoscopist in Vancouver from November 18 to 21.
The volume of patients seen by the endoscopist did not correlate with use of anesthesia assistance.
However, in a situation in which these 3 landmarks are absent in an EGJ biopsy specimen, a brief discussion with the endoscopist and review of the endoscopic images may be helpful for making appropriate pathologic interpretations of the biopsy specimen.
Waye is a prominent endoscopist known for shaping the field, as well as providing research and advice for many advances of the last few decades.
Primarily aimed at the practicing endoscopist, the 32 chapters presented by Faigel (endoscopy, Oregon Health and Science U.
Nearly half of women prefer a female endoscopist for colorectal cancer screening, reported Stacy B.
The video recording is necessary not only for documentation purposes, but also to allow for more careful study through later review in a situation where the length of the examination itself is often limited; the use of a VCR allows the endoscopist to perform a fairly quick investigation, thereby reducing the risk of side effects and complications.
Her focus will initially be on the continued development of a knowledge, skills and competency framework for endoscopy nurses, which may include the development of a nurse endoscopist role.