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a long slender medical instrument for examining the interior of a bodily organ or performing minor surgery

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There is a clear distinction among countries in terms of the extent of provision of endoscopy training during general surgery residency program and regarding the physicians belonging in which of the specialty branches to perform endoscopies.
Though formal cost analyses are not available, a strategy using "test and treat," as opposed to early endoscopy, results in significantly fewer endoscopies, which when formally evaluated, may translate into a more cost-effective strategy of care (SOR: A, based on a systematic review).
The goal is to avoid repeat endoscopies and CT scans in patients without lesions; instead, these patients can be treated for a pain syndrome.
More people are undergoing endoscopic examinations every year, according to Ryuji Nagahama, department chief of the doctors' office at the Foundation for Detection of Early Gastric Carcinoma, a Tokyo-based medical institution which conducts 5,000 endoscopies a year.
If the participant qualifies to partake in the research study, after an initial endoscopy is performed, each patient will receive care by gastroenterologists who will closely monitor each patient's GI health by conducting two more endoscopies throughout the study.
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