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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Clinical indication for endoscopic biopsy included bladder tumor (n = 36), ureteral tumor (n = 21), nephrolithiasis (n = 13), renal tumor (n = 13), hydronephrosis (n = 12), hematuria (n = 11), ureteropelvic junction obstruction (n = 4), ureteral stricture (n = 2), and ureteral obstruction (n = 2), with a few cases in which an indication was not provided (n = 4).
To demonstrate genome-controlled RT-PCR expression profiling, we analyzed fresh endoscopic biopsy samples from 8 patients undergoing follow-up for intestinal metaplasia of the lower esophagus (Barrett esophagus) (n = 27), and 1-5-year-old archival FFPE surgical specimens of colon carcinoma (n = 20) and healthy colonic mucosa (n = 15).
Impact of endoscopic biopsy surveillance of Barrett's oesophagus on pathological stage and clinical outcome of Barrett's carcinoma.
Seventy-one juvenile and adult white Carneau pigeons were used to evaluate endoscopic biopsy of the spleen and bursa of Fabricius.
3,5,9-10) For endoscopic biopsies of the otolaryngic and gastrointestinal region, the primary focus has been on differences in tissue fragmentation, based on the type of endoscopic biopsy obtained, particularly suction versus endoscopic forceps biopsies.
They will continue to undergo extensive endoscopic biopsy every 6 months for 3 years, Dr.
pylori, such as endoscopic biopsy and the urea breath test, are significantly more expensive and time consuming.
The AIM Dysplasia Trial will compare the effectiveness of the HALO360 System against the current standard of care for Barrett's esophagus, which includes regular endoscopic biopsy surveillance and appropriate medical management of associated acid reflux disease (also called GERD).
Cytokeratin subsets for distinguishing Barrett's esophagus from intestinal metaplasia in the cardia using endoscopic biopsy specimens.
The patient underwent endoscopic biopsy under general anesthesia.
Outcome of esophageal adenocarcinoma detected during endoscopic biopsy surveillance for Barrett's esophagus.
Findings on endoscopic biopsy were consistent with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).
However, an overly aggressive endoscopic biopsy may cause scarring and preclude a complete resection of the tumor.
4,5) In a study of endoscopic biopsy specimens of lymphoid infiltrates of the stomach, Dutcher bodies were associated with gastric lymphomas only (3/ 25) and were not found in any cases of gastritis (0/58).
Endoscopic biopsy and tissue evaluation confirm the diagnosis.