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Synonyms for endorse

Synonyms for endorse

Synonyms for endorse

give support or one's approval to

guarantee as meeting a certain standard

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sign as evidence of legal transfer


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The maximum fine for using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving will be doubled from pounds 30 to pounds 60, and will be made endorsable for the first time with three penalty points.
The government plans to up the fixed penalty to pounds 60 and make the offence endorsable in future with three penalty points being likely.
Fixed penalty notices - cash that goes straight to the Treasury - will be increased from pounds 20 to pounds 30 for non-endorsable offences like parking fines, while endorsable offences such as speeding will rise from pounds 40 to pounds 60.
The officer added: "Should we continue to receive complaints or witness this behaviour North Wales Police will be forced to issue endorsable fixed penalty notices to drivers, or summons drivers via the postal system.
The charge relates to an allegation that he persuaded a man named Maurice Ward to accept responsibility for an endorsable road traffic offence in 2005.
A You have 28 days to return your licence to either a court or the DVLA, when an endorsable motoring offence is committed.
Driving without correct licence, without MOT, failing to produce documents, and failing to comply with a non endorsable traffic sign.
Two years to the day since it became an endorsable offence, we can reveal nearly 10 people-a-day are still being caught chatting or texting while driving.
Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving became an endorsable offence on February 27, carrying a fine of pounds 60 and three penalty points.
The government is planning to make driving while using a mobile phone an endorsable offence and convicted motorists will get points on their licence with car insurance companies treating it as a conviction much like speeding, and increasing the insurance premiums of anyone found guilty.
They include an increase of the fixed penalty fine to pounds 60 and to make the offence an endorsable one with three penalty points being awarded to a licence in the case of a breach of the regulation.
All tickets issued are strictly non-changeable, non-transferable, non- endorsable, non-reroutable, non-upgradeable and non-refundable.
Above these speeds they could face an endorsable PS60 fixed penalty notice or, depending on the scale of offence, be reported for summons.
As the speeding offence is endorsable with penalty points and you did not have your licence on you when you were stopped, your licence must be produced for the police.
Aseatbelt offence currently carries a minimum penalty of pounds 60 fixed penalty fine with no endorsable penalty points.