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the condition of being polyploid

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Obvious differences occur in nuclear size in those species in which endopolyploidy occurs (Cutter & Feldman 1970b; Dosier & Riopel, 1978), and significant increases in nucleolar size in trichoblasts have also been noted (Lowary & Avers, 1965; Rothwell, 1964; Lewis & Rothwell, 1964).
Nucleic acids, proteins and a consideration of cell growth in relation to endopolyploidy.
Endopolyploidy, sharply increasing the numbers in the cells affected, is absent in guard cells.
The number of chloroplasts in guard cells varies with ploidy (auto- including endopolyploidy, or allopolyploidy, without a pertinent difference).
Endopolyploidy, wherever present, contributes to those patterns (Butterlass, 1979).