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any of various parasites that live in the internal organs of animals (especially intestinal worms)

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Study of the endoparasitic fauna of commensal rats and shrews caught in traditional wet markets in Taichumg City, Taiwan.
Hence, providing considerable new information on those genes shared between migratory and sedentary endoparasitic nematodes.
This study tests the predictions of the episodic host-switching model for Nearctic pikas (Ochotonidae), small lagomorphs that inhabit rocky alpine habitats in western North America, and a diverse suite of their endoparasitic helminths.
Parasitism of Pieris rapae (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) by the endoparasitic wasp Pteromalus puparum (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae): effects of parasitism on differential hemocyte counts, microand ultra-structures of host hemocytes.
A new endoparasitic oligochaete (Naididae) from a North American tree-toad, Hyla squirella Latreille, 1802.
Copidosoma floridanum is an endoparasitic, polyembryonic, social wasp that can lay its eggs in the eggs of the moth host, Trichoplusia ni (cabbage looper).
Fasciolosis is one of the most important endoparasitic infections affecting dairy animals and is caused by a trematode named as Fasciola hepatica or liverfluke belonging to the family Fasciolidae.
McKenry MV, Kretsch JO, Anwar SA (2001) Interactions of selected rootstocks with endoparasitic nematodes.
The particular groups of root-knot, cyst, endoparasitic and ectoparasitic nematodes are covered.
Use of anthelmintics before the start of summer and mixed coccidiostats in the feed for endoparasitic control to prevent the horizontal transmission of infection (if any).
Endoparasitic sequences: DNA sequences that are repeated multiple times in the genome; a type of transposable element.