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any of various parasites that live in the internal organs of animals (especially intestinal worms)

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Diet may in part explain the low prevalence and diversity of trematodes and other endoparasitic species parasitizing the P.
Influence of the type of environment and of the hydrological level variation in endoparasitic infrapopulations of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans and Schizodon borelli (Osteichthyes) of the high Parana River, Brazil.
Epizootiology of endoparasitic infections in pet dogs and cats presented to a Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
Further analyses including 4Vn samples, however, indicated that endoparasitic helminths may have little value as tags in the classification of plaice overwintering in Laurentian Channel waters of the Cabot Strait and Cape Breton Shelf, where mixing of 4T and 4Vn fish may occur.
Two employees of the World Health Organization collect current information on the helminth diseases that accompany infection by endoparasitic worms enjoying part of their lives inside a human host.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Virbac Animal Health (Virbac) (OTC Pink Sheets: VBAC) announced today the planned launch of IVERHART MAX(TM) (ivermectin/pyrantel pamoate/praziquantel) in December 2006, a new product in Virbac's veterinary line of endoparasitic products.
Thaler (1999a) also showed that JA, when exogenously applied to tomato, not only induced additional plant resistance to beet armyworm damage, but also doubled the incidence of parasitism of the endoparasitic wasp Hyposoter exigua on the armyworm.
Genome-wide hypomethylation (about 20 to 60 percent less overall 5-methyl-cytosine compared with normal cells); global loss of DNA methylation occurs at many genomic regions, such as repetitive elements and retrotranposons, resulting in chromosomal instability, and activation of transposable elements and endoparasitic sequences (e.