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a nuclease that cleaves nucleic acids at interior bonds and so produces fragments of various sizes

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Scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in France focused on what is known as the endonuclease part of the enzyme RNA polymerase.
Reactions contain both methylation-sensitive FastDigest[R] HpaII (Fermentas Life Sciences) and qPCR reagents, and DNA digestion is followed by endonuclease inactivation and qPCR.
Cellectis announces the issuance by the USPTO of US patent 8,921,332 covering chimeric endonucleases for chromosomal gene editing by homologous recombination in cells.
In the study, the scientists drew on previous research that had mapped the molecular structure of the endonuclease, which revealed its active site.
The expected sizes for the linear forms of plasmids gWiz- blank & gWizHbs after complete digestion by the endonuclease Hind III below are respectively 5060bp and 6435bp.
This product is comprised of the same ingredients as the pre-sun product, with the content of the radical scavenger and the enzyme photolyase 50-90% by weight lower, the content of the enzyme UV endonuclease 50-90% by weight higher, compared to the pre-sun product, and the extract is replaced with a cooling plant extract or a plant extract mixture selected from the group consisting of water melon extract and a mixture of water melon extract, rose flower extract and jasmine flower extract.
Dimericine is a form of the bacterial enzyme T4 endonuclease.
Transfusion transmission of cytomegalovirus confirmed by restriction endonuclease analysis.
Also our previous study showed that apoptosis caused by I/R injury may be due to action endonuclease or by acting on cell organelles, alternating signal transduction pathways or affecting the intracellular enzymes responsible for proper functioning and survival of the cell [11, 12].
Restriction endonuclease analysis of the RV1 genome indicated that the genome was [approximately equal to] 20-30 kbp (data not shown).
In another study to eliminate HDs, samples were treated by T7 endonuclease (Qiu et al.
Restriction endonuclease analysis (REA): 10 [micro]g of genomic DNA was digested with 100 units each of Hind III, Hae III and EcoRI restriction enzymes (Boehringer Mannheim, Germany) according to the manufacturer's instruction.
A primitive form of immune system, R-M systems consist of a restriction endonuclease and a matching modification enzyme, which recognises and modifies (generally by methylation) the DNA sequence recognised by the restriction endonuclease.
As primeiras tecnicas moleculares, utilizadas ha mais de duas decadas, sao fundamentadas na extracao e tratamento de acidos nucleicos, dentre estas se podem destacar a analise do perfil plasmidial, a analise de DNA cromossomico apos digestao por enzima de restricao (Restriction endonuclease analysis--REA), a ribotipagem (Ribotyping) e a eletroforese em gel de campo pulsante (pulsed-field gel electrophoresis--PFGE).