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a heavy person with a soft and rounded body

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Mark says most people fall into one of three body types and can be classed as a mesomorph, ectomorph or endomorph.
And it's those with an endomorph body that are most likely to be struggling to shed pounds.
In order to get the ideal body size the ectomorphs and endomorphs tend to experience more stress.
When you look back at pictures of her before she lost weight she's obviously an endomorph," says Simon, who is also Geri Halliwell's trainer.
As (ectotherms, endomorphs, exoskeletons), frogs' body (temperature, mass, flexibility) depends on external temperature.
Rob Harris from Fitness First health club, Bromborough, says: ``It is generally accepted that there are three body types, known as ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.
Geri Halliwell and Sophie Dahl are examples of stars who've cheated genetics to change from soft, round endomorphs to lean, athletic mesomorphs.
Endomorphs are curvy and short and often have a genetic predisposition to obesity, diabetes and heart problems.
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NOTE: LightWave 3D, Hypervoxels, IntelligEntities, Skelegons, Endomorphs are trademarks of NewTek.