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inflammation of the lining of the uterus (of the endometrium)

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Associations among human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class II DQ variants, bacterial sexually transmitted diseases, endometritis, and fertility among women with clinical pelvic inflammatory disease.
To determine the effect of antibiotic therapy on the clearance of plasma cell endometritis, Dr.
Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and trichomonas are often asymptomatic and have been associated with premature labour and endometritis (Steadman, 1998; Watts & Brunham, 2001).
PID is comprised of various inflammatory disorders of the upper genital tract, including endometritis and tubo-ovarian abscess.
PID is a generic term indicating various inflammatory disorders of the upper genital tract, including endometritis and tubo-ovarian abscess.
Tests revealed that Lisa was suffering from endometritis, an inflammation of the womb lining which made periods excruciatingly painful and could hamper fertility.
Fatal Acute Spontaneous Endometritis Resulting from Clostridium sordelli," Am J Clin Path 1989, 91:104-106, at 104.
Uterine abnormalities include infantile uterus, bifid uterus, retroverted uterus, fibroids, endometriosis, endometritis, or blocked fallopian tubes.
Persistent vaginal infection in a pregnant woman, can lead to genital and oral thrust of the neonate (after birth), neonatal respiratory tract infection, preterm labour, urinary tract infection and chronic cervicitis and postpartum endometritis.
She received methylergonovine again as an outpatient and began a course of oral antibiotics for possible endometritis.
The 31-year-old librarian was diagnosed with endometritis and now travels to the Women's Hospital in Liverpool for private care.
PID commonly manifests as endometritis (infection of the lining of the uterus) or salpingitis (infection of the fallopian tubes) and less commonly as pelvic peritonitis and/or inflammation of contiguous structures (MacDonald & Bowie, 1995; Westrom & Mar &, 1990).
Patients who develop endometritis within three days following cesarean section.
It is indicated for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe infections caused by piperacillin-resistant, susceptible strains of indicated organisms, to treat appendicitis (complicated by rupture or abscess) and peritonitis, uncomplicated and complicated skin and skin structure infections, postpartum endometritis or PID, community-acquired pneumonia of moderate severity only, and nosocomial pneumonia (moderate to severe).
Insertion of LILETTA is contraindicated in the presence of known or suspected PID or endometritis or a history of PID unless there has been a subsequent intrauterine pregnancy.