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surgery to remove tissue or growths from a bodily cavity (as the uterus) by scraping with a curette

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He reports a focal decidual vasculopathy-like change in an endometrial curettage specimen from a woman who had previously undergone an ablation procedure, and he inquired about the presence of such a lesion in the case we reported.
Frank et al (8) reported a case with multiple non-necrotizing granulomas in an endometrial curettage specimen, presumed to be viral in etiology No cytomegalovirus (CMV) inclusions were identified by light microscopic evaluation in that specimen; however, CMV inclusions were noted in an endocervical curettage specimen, and the organism was ultimately shown by polymerase chain reaction in DNA extracted from paraffin-embedded endometrial tissue.
TABLE 1 Clinicopathologic Features of Patients With Granulomatous Inflammation of the Uterus Age Presenting Previous Uterine Patient (yrs) Symptom Instrumentation Procedure 1 49 Menorrhagia Yes x 2 Endometrial bx 2 37 Menorrhagia Yes x 6 TAH/BSO 3 38 Menometorrhagia Yes x 3 Endometrial curettage 4 78 Postmenopausal Yes x 1 TAH/BSO bleeding 5 45 Menorrhagia Yes x 1 TAH/BSO 6 39 Infertility Yes x 3 Endometrial bx History of IUD 7 90 Uterine prolapse Yes x 1 TVH 8 43 Pelvic mass No TAH/BSO 9 51 Menometorrhagia No Endometrial bx 10 64 Postmenopausal Yes x 1 Endometrial bx bleeding 11 50 Menorrhagia No TAH/BSO Foreign/ Type of Polarizable No.
9-11] Kohler et al[12] found that proliferative activity in pretreatment endometrial curettage specimens identified the majority of patients at high risk of relapse.