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A contemporary re-evaluation of endolymphatic hydrops.
Endolymphatic hydrops is a consequence of a disturbance in the homeostasis of endolymph.
1964) Endolymphatic hydrops and III type allergic-reaction.
Meniere's disease or other forms of endolymphatic hydrops.
An increase in endolymph, however, can cause the membranous labyrinth to balloon or dilate - a condition known as endolymphatic hydrops.
Relationship between immune complex and total hemolytic complement in endolymphatic hydrops.
Delayed endolymphatic hydrops is an uncommon disorder in which the patient develops a hydrops many years after a sudden hearing loss of viral origin.
Its pathophysiology is not fully understood, although it is known that endolymphatic hydrops occurs.
Hearing results of intratympanic steroid treatment of endolymphatic hydrops.
A decrease in cerebrospinal fluid pressure may result in an endolymphatic hydrops through a patent cochlear aqueduct or through the fundus of the internal auditory canal.
It is not inconceivable that our patient's ongoing symptoms might have been attributable to posttraumatic endolymphatic hydrops rather than to his initial perilymph fistula.
Black et al studied 14 patients who had undergone unilateral vestibular surgery: 7 labyrinthectomies for Meniere's disease or endolymphatic hydrops, 4 middle fossa excisions of acoustic neuromas, and 3 vestibular nerve sections for Meniere's disease.
Meniere's disease is defined as the idiopathic syndrome of endolymphatic hydrops that results in hearing loss, tinnitus, and episodic vertigo, and aural fullness.
Cmejrek and Megerian state that the most reliable animal model for endolymphatic hydrops is:
Silent otitis media generally occurs with complications or sequelae, including meningitis (the most common complication), vague ear pain and headache, a feeling of fullness, conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, anxiety, acute attacks of otitis media, labyrinthine fistula, endolymphatic hydrops, etc.