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Our findings and those of temporal bone histologic studies support the concept that even microscopic violation of the endolymphatic duct can potentially incite hydrops.
Endolymphatic duct obstruction from a jugular bulb diverticulum.
The vein of the paravestibular canaliculus (VPVC) runs parallel to the endolymphatic duct and drains the major portion of the semicircular canals and part of the utricle.
15] Although there was no cochlear function damage observed in our series, it appears that endolymphatic duct procedures with intraductal capillary devices are best avoided--or at least performed cautiously--in patients with contralateral DEH in order to avoid adverse or catastrophic effects on inner ear function.
The aqueduct contains the endolymphatic duct, which enlarges and ends blindly in the endolymphatic sac on the posterior surface of the petrous bone.