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the bodily fluid that fills the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear

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We generated a new mutant mouse that expresses SLC26A4 in the endolymphatic sac, but not in the cochlea or the vestibular organs of the inner ear," Wangemann said.
The most common clinical presentation of endolymphatic sac tumor is sensorineural hearing loss (1).
Endolymphatic sac tumors: The endolymphatic sac is located in the inner ear within the vestibular aqueduct.
Rutledge FN, Copeland L, et al: Uterine endolymphatic stromal myosis.
4) Low CSF pressure may induce low perilymphatic pressure and, in theory, low perilymphatic pressure may trigger a pressure imbalance, leading to compensatory endolymphatic compartment swelling.
19) This intriguing result has been reported in other vHL-related tumors besides RCC and HAB, such as endolymphatic sac tumors, (20) and underscores the association between biochemical markers like the carbonic anhydrases and tumor progression (see below).
Beck: As audiologists, we deal with hearing-impaired patients with endolymphatic hydrops, Meniere's disease, Meniere's syndrome and similar manifestations -- many of which believe are autoimmune responses.
This operation on the endolymphatic sac was an attempt at relieving endolymphatic hydrops, felt to be the source and the cause of the symptoms of vertigo in Meniere's disease.
The origin of Meniere's disease is believed to be an imbalance in the hydrodynamic system of the inner ear, described as endolymphatic hydrops.
Delayed endolymphatic hydrops is an uncommon disorder in which the patient develops a hydrops many years after a sudden hearing loss of viral origin.
Endolymphatic invasion was observed in 7 cases, acantholysis of tumor cells in 10 cases, squamous whorls in 15 cases, and hyalinized stroma was evident in 7 cases.
Its pathophysiology is not fully understood, although it is known that endolymphatic hydrops occurs.
Endolymphatic sac tumor (ELST) is a papillary epithelial neoplasm arising within the endolymphatic sac/ duct that shows a high association with von Hippel-Lindau disease (VHL).
Other diagnostic considerations for destructive lesions in the mastoid include endolymphatic sac tumors and contiguous lesions from nasopharyngeal carcinoma and paragangliomas.
adenoma, endolymphatic sac tumor, choristoma, cholesteatoma, cholesterol granuloma) and malignant neoplasms (e.