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derived or originating internally

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Here, one can see the point that industry structure of course matters, but it is endogenously determined.
Serum is the most well-characterized body fluid for testing endogenously produced sex steroid hormones, but using it to accurately detect hormones following exogenous oral therapy can be problematic.
However, only a few general equilibrium setups are available that highlight how, based on worker's comparative advantages, the wage and employment distributions are endogenously carved by the reallocation of skills to tasks following changes in technology or trade.
Some contemporary topics examined include the role of retaliation in trade agreements, trade agreements as endogenously incomplete contracts, and bilateral opportunism and the rules of GATT/WTO.
Here, the endogenously determined procedure reveals 1994 as the best fit, as in the original HMZ level shift setup.
By imposing theory-based structures, a system dynamics simulation can use real-world data to test explanations that manifest endogenously, such as experiential learning.
Compare this with the previous hard ceteris paribus rule that could safely state, "increased taxation leads to a decreased amount of private capital, provided that all the factors relevant for the casual process involved would have remained the same all the time and, under those stable conditions, would not endogenously cause any change.
Employing Inoue's (1999) cointegration procedure, which allows for an endogenously determined structural break and then incorporating the estimated breaks within Johansen et al.
LXs and Rvs are endogenously generated during the spontaneous resolution phase.
They study a stochastic, discrete-time, two-sector optimal growth model in which the production of the homogeneous consumption good uses a Cobb-Douglas technology, combining physical capital and an endogenously determined share of human capital.
It is also produced endogenously when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis.
It is endogenously produced to aid in blood clotting, a process that requires protein molecules to form interlinked complex structures.
Leptin, an adipocytokine also expressed endogenously in the brain, decreases A[beta] levels and ameliorates tau phosphorylation in the brain.
Endogenously occurring opioids, the endorphins and enkephalins, are neuromodulators affecting pain perception and mood.
The pathologic consequences of various inborn errors of metabolism in the conversion of dietary and endogenously produced galactose through the Leloir pathway have recently been reviewed (1, 2).