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derived or originating internally

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Lack of endogenous pain inhibition during exercise in people with chronic whiplash associated disorders: An experimental study.
The repetitive application of passive motion seems likely to stimulate endogenous pain control systems at several levels of the central nervous system with many studies showing consistent responses of concurrent hypoalgesia, sympathetic nervous system excitation and changes in motor function (Schmid et al 2008), as well as a reduction in spinal hyperexcitability (Sterling et al 2010).
Although the etiology of FM is poorly understood, many authors have suggested that a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system involving deficiencies in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and sympathetic nervous system contributes to the development of FM by altering pain perception and endogenous pain inhibition.
Endogenous Pain Control Systems: Brainstem Spinal Pathways and Endorphin Circuitry.
This study investigated whether partial sleep loss altered endogenous pain inhibition and reports of spontaneous pain.