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Synonyms for endogenic

derived or originating internally

of rocks formed or occurring beneath the surface of the earth


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ELISA Kit (Cusabio catalogue number CSB-E16214h) for the quantitative determination of endogenic 4-hydroxynonenal (HNE) concentrations in plasma and tissue homogenates was used.
Based on a broad literature, Kusz, Gedek, and Kata (2015) identified enumerated exogenic and endogenic factors that may determine the investment activity of family farms.
Objectives : The project aims at exploiting the endogenic potential of the region for social and economic development particularly in the field of tourism.
Michetti, Global attractor in Solow growth model with differential savings and endogenic labor force growth, AMSE Periodicals, Modelling Measurement and Control, Series D, 29(2):19-37, 2008.
In another study conducted by Kashi and Sarlak [8], titled "studying the factors affecting prohibited substances and endogenic complementary drugs in high school students by taking benefit from a self-reporting and researcher-made on 1,180 male and female students in 8 cities and Tarhan district, Kouhdasht township".
The methodological and the informational basis for evaluation of effectiveness of state management bodies activity on the basis of spatial aspects of public officials labor potential development is establishment of endogenic and exogenic factors, influencing the state body labor potential management (table 1) (Kiseleva, A.
OATP transporters play important roles in the cellular uptake of variety of endogenic and xenobiotic compounds in the intestine and liver (Klaassen and Aleksunes 2010).
The needles are manufactured in various sizes and styles, and their surface contains endogenic dimples to ensure it is clearly visible during endoscopic ultrasounds.
Odonto- genesis is overall very sensitive to numerous exogenic and endogenic factors, such as diet and fluoride intake, that may modify tooth-bud growth in maturation, thus resulting in anatomical variations in dental morphol- ogy.
The OC ratio of the humus horizons and the forest floor shows that in the case of mull HC types the OC was accumulated predominantly into the mineral part of the soil profile (mean coefficient is >10), or this type of HC is characterized by endogenic sequestration of SOM.
The apparent internal origin of lunar domes was a major factor in endogenic interpretations of the maria, and their low profiles suggest a volcanism characteristic of fluid mafic magmas.
On the contrary, the proportion of the endogenic MYP synthesized within the nutritive phagocytes might be higher in males.
Additionally, the prebiotics induces growth and increases activity of positive endogenic intestinal flora.
The response has been known as a consequence of increasing sensitivity to insulin and also endogenic influence of GLUT4 carriers rise on sarcolemma of muscle filaments [12].
Other planetary scientists believe the ridge was created by endogenic (within the planet) activity such as volcanism or mountain-building forces.