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Synonyms for endogamy

marriage within one's own tribe or group as required by custom or law

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Endogamy is usually construed as referring to marriage between persons who have certain characteristics in common: members of the same family, of the same clan or tribe, of the same category or caste and so forth.
However, there are different types of endogamy: spatial endogamy, intra-ethnic endogamy, intraCommunity endogamy, intra-religious endogamy, family endogamy (consanguinity), etc.
Another way in which education may decrease the likelihood of endogamy is through its effect on migration patterns.
These included basic economic self-sufficiency, a degree of political autonomy and social endogamy.
45) Maarten Lem was also a beneficiary of trade endogamy.
In Australia's capital cities, endogamy within the Indigenous population is largely nonexistent.
13) The enhanced importance of the family fostered endogamy and with it greater protection for the women and their empowerment.
Moreover, the extension of official tolerance produced countervailing tendencies toward greater endogamy among religious minorities, as if the relaxation of persecution threatened group identity.
12) The only exception to this is if there has been a violation of the rule against tribal exogamy (marrying outside the tribe) or clan endogamy (marrying someone of the same clan) or if there is evidence of the practice of witchcraft.
Heteronormative qualification at the turn of the twentieth century did not require simple heterosexuality but endogamy as well; as customary and judicial prohibitions on interracial and same-sex coupling made clear, the proper sexual object choice under the regime of compulsive heterosexuality was a person of the opposite sex and the same racial group.
Many critics interpret the "damaged" Fleetwood children as a genetic consequence of the practice of endogamy within such a small community.
Indeed, one could read Annabella's willingness to make her brother her erotic choice as an extreme example of endogamy that makes it unnecessary for her ever to leave the family circle.
Chapter Six contains a discussion of endogamy and exogamy among ancient Jews.
Similarly, thar endogamy and exogamy and gotra exogamy are regular features of marriage, whereas jat hypergamy and hypogamy are not the regular features of marriage in any Hindu group, whether the group is an untouchable Hindu or the high caste.