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Synonyms for endogamy

marriage within one's own tribe or group as required by custom or law

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Marriage within a limited group, or endogamy, has created millions of people who are susceptible to recessive diseases, which develop only when a child inherits a disease-carrying gene from both parents, said Kumarasamy Thangaraj, an author of the study and a senior scientist at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, India.
Nominal openness and epistemic endogamy in 'global' and 'provincialized' sociologies.
The analysis of homophily helps to determine whether there was endogamy in the coauthors' publications, i.
A parallel emerges: ethnic Jewishness is invoked in Barr's memoir in a similar fashion to how "white trash" identity is invoked on "Another Mouth": both examples use self-deprecating humor to negotiate close endogamy.
Caste values such as hierarchy, purity-pollution, endogamy, and occupational speciality are replicated among these castes.
I have italicized the lapalissade in the last sentence as a classic example of a circular platitude ("we are agnostic writers because we all agree to write agnostic writings") where the endogamy of the Orientalist industry is proudly displayed right under the reader's nose.
Specifically, the breakdown of caste endogamy in the new society offered women greater opportunities to change their fortunes as well, albeit to be replaced with another set of hierarchies in the new society based on class, ethnicity and color, but this also gave women more options for marriage.
Much of India, particularly south India, practiced endogamy or marriages within the community for centuries.
Getty reveals how they developed networks of clients centered around a senior patron, how they practiced what may be called endogamy or refused to bend to regulations: for example, to arrive on time at party meetings.
Several factors such as endogamy, nutritional deficiencies, and pollution have been related to this condition (Bensch et al.
These two elements - keeping the language and endogamy - suggest continuation of ethnicity, at least to that time.
Indeed, a curious contrast to 'Alid endogamy was and is the common Imami Shi'ite practice of not marrying Prophetic descendants (sg.
Already in 1776, Carlos ill, the modernizing Bourbon king, had decreed class endogamy in his Pragmatica Sancion para evitar el abuso de contraer matrimonies desiguales (Decree to avoid the abuse of unequal marriages), thereby depriving the Church of one of its chief prerogatives.
The male territories are around 1 ha (Marini and Cavalcanti, 1992), favoring the allelophaty and endogamy (Melo and Oliveira, 2009).
In Mande society, griots are one of the so-called nyamakala 'castes', along with blacksmiths, potters, leatherworkers and other specialist artisans; and, like their counterparts, they practise endogamy.