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Synonyms for endogamous

characterized by or fit for fertilization by pollen from another flower of the same kind

pertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only within the limits of a clan or tribe


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Consanguineous Marriages and Their Effects on Common Adult Diseases: Studies from an Endogamous Population.
over time, genetic differences emerge from such groups like the caste-defined endogamous groups of India.
Attractive physical features complement the traditionally determined match which while being endogamous with regard to caste, can also be hypergamous in the case of an intercaste marriage.
Marriages in Iraq had tended to follow endogamous patterns prior to that point, but when social and economic circumstances in the country changed, other family configurations became increasingly commonplace.
Reagan, Penn, & Ogilvy, supra note 64, at 190 ("[C]ommunity membership involves the use of a natural sign language as one's vernacular language, culturally appropriate behaviors, endogamous marital patterns, an acceptance of the historical understanding of the cultural community, and participation in the various voluntary organizations of the community.
Here the insularity that many recent critics of the play have stressed--the xenophobia of Belmont and the endogamous marriage of Bassanio and Portia--is freshly repositioned as part of a larger argument about the dialectical relationships among comedy, revenge tragedy, and tragicomedy.
In reality, Indian society is divided into thousands of jatis--local, endogamous groups based on occupation--and organized hierarchically according to complex ideas of purity and pollution.
14) From a Marxist perspective, Eileen Cleere views the endogamous marriage as an economic strategy which utilizes Fanny as a domestic commodity "invested with both exogamous and endogamous sexual value [that] can be exchanged and retained simultaneously.
From the sample of 56 marriage certificates, it was found that 22 marriages were endogamous (40 per cent), that is, within the same class.
The range of marriage practices witnessed in the Old Testament is wide: parentally arranged and self-initiated, endogamous and exogamous, monogamous and polygamous, as well as levirate marriage.
This paper investigates the retention of Polish language and culture by first generation Polish migrants from the 1980s and their second generation offspring (aged 15-24) from endogamous and exogamous marriages.
It is inconsequential, in such cases, whether communities are exogamous or endogamous, whether for reasons of custom they allow marriages within the same gotra ( lineage) or not.
They are in general involved in an endogamous marriage (Shaw, 2001) and for many of them the spouse provides help with the business.
For the couple analysis, the sample was limited to ethnically endogamous couples, to locus on gender dynamics within ethnicity.
In this hierarchical system, where each profession corresponds to a particular caste, there have customarily been four, and later five, "mutually exclusive, endogamous, hereditary" basic castes, known as varnas.