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process in which phagocytes engulf and digest microorganisms and cellular debris

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ClC-5 Cl-channel disruption impairs endocytosis in a mouse model for Dent's disease.
Endocytosis is the process by which cells ingest substances from the external environment.
Characterization of an epithelial ~460-kDa protein that facilitates endocytosis of intrinsic factor-vitamin [B.
A mutation in glyceraldehydes-3-phosphate dehydrogenase alters endocytosis in CHO cells.
Brown and Goldstein shared the 1985 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology for their discovery of the LDL receptor and the process of receptor-mediated endocytosis, which controls the level of cholesterol in blood and cells.
Cellular uptake of CypHer5E-labeled CRP, which shows fluorescence after endocytosis, was significantly higher in SR-A-expressing cells, in a dose-dependent manner (1-30 mg/L), as well as in LOX-1-expressing cells, compared with cells expressing the other receptors (Fig.
The binding protein, endophilin-A plays an important role in regulating synaptic vesicle endocytosis, which is the formation, as well as recycling of synaptic vesicles.
The virus particle enters the host cells through endocytosis, where invaginating flexibility of cell membranes determines the whole engulfing of virus into its cytoplasm.
of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry) present protocols for investigating exocytosis and endocytosis in vitro and in vivo.
2006), on the other hand, suggested that internalization of QDs by cells could be achieved by ligand-receptor or antibodymediated entry, endocytosis, electroporation, and oxidative damage of plasma membrane.
Lysosomes primarily are specialized for breaking down proteins that enter the cell by a process called endocytosis.
Later, by binding of the phosphorylated receptor to the [beta]-arestine, the complex moves in the membrane (Stephen and Ferguson, 2001) and by means of endocytosis it falls in the cell (Robert, 1998).
Understanding how actin is distributed between these structures is critical to understand the biology and mechanics of the actin cytoskeleton and therefore its role in processes ranging from morphogenesis and cell division to endocytosis and polarization.
The healthy cell surrounds the flu virus and takes it inside the cell through a process called endocytosis.