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Synonyms for endocrine

the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect

of or belonging to endocrine glands or their secretions



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NE cells are morphologically different from other mucosal cells and exhibit a number of distinct neural phenotypic features, but function like endocrine cells [15].
Moreover, we also found that immunopositive reactivity of such monoclonal antibody is strongly localized in only nucleus and cytoplasm of interstitial endocrine cells as compared to other interstitial cells (Fig.
9) The more accepted theory is that neuroendocrine differentiation arises from divergent differentiation of neoplastic stem cells into epithelial and endocrine cell lines during early carcinogenesis.
The normal endocrine cell of the gut: changing concepts and new evidences.
Artificial sweeteners are found to be sweet receptor agonist present on endocrine cells of pancreas.
Denmark, March 25, 2015 -- Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have captured thousands of progenitor cells of the pancreas on video as they made decisions to divide and expand the organ or to specialize into the endocrine cells that regulate our blood sugar levels.
Alpha cells and beta cells are both endocrine cells meaning they synthesize and secret hormones-and they exist right next to one another in the pancreas in structures called islets.
1995) It has been strongly suggested that during postnatal life, Pdx-1 may also be essential for the neogenesis of endocrine cells through differentiation from precursor cells that reside among the cells lining the pancreatic ducts (Bouwens and Kloppel, 1996).
The midgut epithelium consists of 3 cell types: digestive or principal cells, regenerative cells and endocrine cells (Cruz-Landim & Mello 1970; Cruz-Landim et al.
Incretin-treated individuals showed an increase in pancreas dysplasia, an abnormal form of cell proliferation that is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer, as well as an expansion of alpha cells, endocrine cells that make the hormone glucagon.
2) Only specialised columnar epithelium consisting of a villiform growth pattern containing columnar, goblet, Paneth and endocrine cells (i.
1) Oncocytic metaplasia occurs in epithelial endocrine cells with high metabolic activity, but it may also be associated with inflammation, aging, or degeneration.
The mitochondria of endocrine cells show variability in the quantity of cristae and matrix electron density in the anterior midgut region (Figures 3f-h).
An increase in circulating levels of glucose stimulates endocrine cells in the pancreas to release insulin, which then acts on several types of target cells to enhance clearance of glucose from the blood.