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Synonyms for endocrine

the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect

of or belonging to endocrine glands or their secretions



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FMRF-amide like midgut endocrine cells during the metamorphosis in Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides (Hymenoptera.
Well-differentiated neuroendocrine carcinomas-low-grade malignant (synonymous with malignant carcinoid tumors) are composed of endocrine cells showing moderate atypia and growing in the form of solid nests, trabeculae or larger, less well-defined aggregates, which deeply invade the gut wall (muscularis propria or beyond) or show metastases to regional lymph nodes or liver.
The article, entitled "Insulin-Producing Endocrine Cells Differentiated In Vitro From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Function in Macroencapsulation Devices In Vivo," is published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine(October 2015 issue; e-published online August 24, 2015).
The team isolated the two types of endocrine cells found in ovaries (theca and granulosa) from 21-day-old rats and the cells were encapsulated inside materials compatible with body.
Neuron specific enolase: a common marker for the endocrine cells and innervation of the gut and pancreas.
But the discovery does emphasize the similarity between nerve and endocrine cells, researchers note.
Broadly speaking, two cellular compartments are important in a normal pancreas, endocrine cells, which produce hormones including insulin, and exocrine cells - acinar and ductal-which make and secrete digestive enzymes.
Mixed ductal-endocrine carcinomas of the pancreas and ductal adenocarcinomas with scattered endocrine cells: characterization of the endocrine cells.
Histamine, which is secreted by blood, nerve and endocrine cells, causes smooth-muscle contraction and increased permeability of capillaries.
Novocell also demonstrated earlier this year, that hES-derived pancreatic progenitors develop into functioning ductal, acinar and endocrine cells in vivo.
The study highlights the role of incretin hormones, which are released from endocrine cells in the gut.
The endocrine cells in our case formed well-circumscribed microscopic nests that were diffusely distributed in the submucosa and muscularis propria of the gastric wall without forming a mass.
The endocrine cells appeared as bud-like clusters resembling the islets of Langerhans and included the major islet cell types that produce the hormones insulin, glucagon and somatostatin.
1, 2) According to Lewin and Appelman, (1) mixed endocrine and nonendocrine carcinomas of the stomach should be classified in 5 distinct groups, including carcinomas with interspersed endocrine cells, carcinoids with interspersed nonendocrine cells, composite glandular-endocrine carcinomas, collision tumors, amphicrine tumors,
Katz, PhD, Professor of Neurosciences, has found changes in the way that nerve and endocrine cells regulate the secretion of molecules that are critical for cell-to-cell communication and the body's response to stress.