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of or belonging to endocrine glands or their secretions


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Women with the following characteristics were excluded from the study: (i) age >40 years, (ii) more than three IVF cycles failures, (iii) donor oocytes recipients, (iv) frozen-thaw embryo recipients, (v) endocrinal abnormalities such as hyperprolactinemia or hypothyroidism, (vi) ovarian stimulation other than the long protocol, (vii) polycystic ovarian syndrome or similar features like high LH/FSH ratio and (viii) high FSH and estradiol (E2) concentrations (day 3 FSH [greater than or equal to] 11 mIU/ ml and E2>50 pg/ml).
Eighty-seven chapters are organized into 22 sections covering general emergency; resuscitation; sedation, analgesia, and intubation procedures; neonatal, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, renal, neurological, hematological, and endocrinal emergencies; environmental problems, including animal and snake bites, near drownings, burns, hyperthermia and hypothermia; poisoning; foreign bodies; psychiatric behavior and social issues; ophthalmological, otolaryngological, and dermatological emergencies; infections; and medicolegal issues.
2008) indicate propensities for endocrinal and neural vulnerabilities to aggression.
The finding that bone remodeling is regulated by leptin suggested possible endocrinal effects of bones on energy metabolism.
Other characteristics include pigmented skin lesions, schwannomas and multiple recurrent mucocutaneous myxomas, and endocrinal neoplasms/overactivity.
Last year, the largest growth in medicines sales were for preparations against respiratory diseases and endocrinal ailments.
The individuals were evaluated to rule out immunological, endocrinal, infections and anatomical defects.
The EPA considered a "worst case" dietary risk model of an individual eating a lifetime of food entirely from glyphosate-sprayed fields, and with residue levels remaining at their maximum levels, and concluded that no adverse effects would exist under these conditions In 2007, the EPA selected glyphosate for further screening for endocrinal disruptor effects (Balthazor, 1986; Fernandeza, 2005; Albers, 2009).
In a book entitled Brain Sex, authors Anne Moir and David Jessel (1992) cite numerous medical and psychological journals and case studies in demonstrating salient identical similarities as well as salient sexual and gender differences among males and females in the hard-wiring of brain anatomies due to genetic inheritance and endocrinal activity.
Rest intervals between sets appear to be an important variable that can directly affect training volume and fatigue by altering endocrinal and metabolic responses as well as the performance and completion of subsequent sets (Fleck and Kraemer, 2004).
However, regulatory role of other factors remains to be unknown, although a lot of studies have evaluated the effects of various factors on follicle growth and endocrinal regulation during folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation to date (Boland and Gosden, 1994; Almahbobi et al.