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Synonyms for ossification

the developmental process of bone formation

the calcification of soft tissue into a bonelike material

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the process of becoming rigidly fixed in a conventional pattern of thought or behavior

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hardened conventionality

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Endochondral ossification predominates over intramembranous ossification in this region.
2) The site of origin has been localized to the thyroid or cricoid cartilage that is undergone endochondral ossification.
Dysplasia of endochondral ossification, affecting secondary spongiosa, are characterized by errors in resorption or remodeling of secondary spongiosa, which results in focal densities and/or striations within the trabecular bone (3).
We conclude that Pb delays fracture healing at environmentally relevant doses and induces fibrous nonunions at higher doses by inhibiting the progression of endochondral ossification.