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inflammation of the mucous lining of the uterine cervix

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Etiology of postmenopausal bleeding Endometrial causes * Benign Endometrial atrophy Medication Hormones Estrogen Combined estrogen and progesterone Polyps Endometrial hyperplasia Submucosal fibroids * Malignancy Premalignant Endometrial hyperplasia with cytologic atypia Endometrial hyperplasia (5%-10%) Cervical causes * Malignancy * Benign Polyps (2%-12%) Chronic endocervicitis Mucosal atrophy Infectious endocervicitis Vaginal causes * Malignancy (rare) * Benign Mucosal atrophy (60%-80%) Infection Prolapse Ovarian causes * "Rogue" ovulations * Hormonally active tumors (rare) * Granulosa cell tumors Vulvar causes Urinary tract * Mucosal atrophy * Mucosal prolapse * Infection * Calculi * Malignancy Gastrointestinal tract * Hemorrhoids * Anal fissure * Mucosal prolapse * Malignancy Table 2.
Hysterosalpingography during intrauterine pregnancy, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, marked cervical erosion, endocervicitis in the presence of intrauterine bleeding, in the immediate pre-or postmenstrual phase, or within 30 days of curettage or conization.