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fulfilling the grammatical role of one of its constituents

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The compound types include endocentric exocentric copulative postpositional and verbal compounds.
Turning to affixation, this process is always endocentric because it does not involve lexical argument insertion.
Within the endocentric group a further distinction is made between right centred and left centred compounds.
This is reflected in Dik's notation of restrictors, which accordingly are endocentric predications, crucially predicating properties over an argument coreferential with their superset, rather than over some other entity.
This paper proposes a unified account of headship assignment in Spanish endocentric compounds with a nominal non-head.
exocentric" or ''non-transparent" compounds are just as easily analysable as endocentric ones.
Compounds may be endocentric or exocentric (Wardhaugh, 2003; p.
Even though functional models do not link headedness and category so explicitly as formal models (that is, syntactic categories in FG and RRG are not endocentric but exocentric), it is undeniable that lexical categories play a role in derivational morphology, which is usually defined, as in FG (Bakker 2001), for instance, as involving some degree of transcategorization (Dik 1997a: 196).
The predicate is the kernel of the narrative predication, which is an endocentric construction.
It has often been assumed that the Samhitas provide evidence for an original determinative compound with endocentric function 'reaching of old age, attainment of old age', which was secondarily employed as a bahuvrihi 'whose reaching is of old age, having attainment of old age', but, as we have seen, RV 7.
This was, incidentally, also recognised by American structuralist Immediate Constituent analysis in connection with endocentric constructions (cf.
In English, Marchand (1969: 63-65) distinguishes six types of endocentric [[A N].
Despite great emphasis on cross-categorial generalizations, the X-bar schema is not carried over to an endocentric analysis of the entire clause, but it stops at the VP-level without any motivation (cf.
The category of EVENT is much less varied than in artefacts: my data do not include any instances of MADE OF, METHOD of creation (naturally, since herbs are not created by humans), OBJECT-NOM (as in my dataset there are no endocentric compounds whose head is a verbal nominalization), or occasion.
Notice that headedness and percolation are responsible for transmitting the gender value of the right-hand member to the compound word only in endocentric compounds like the ones listed under (20).