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the membrane that lines the cavities of the heart and forms part of the heart valves

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The team also found similar cardiomyocyte potential in Scl-deficient embryos in the endocardium that lines the heart chambers.
Anatomical studies show that the fiber direction rotates counterclockwise from epicardium to endocardium and that the fibers are arranged in sheets running across the myocardial wall [8, 11, 25].
Modern post processing software can demarcate the borders of the endocardium and epicardium, as shown in Fig.
Loss of sodium channel function leads to imbalance of currents during phase 1 of the cardiac action potential and a characteristic notch in regions of the epicardium but not endocardium.
Infective endocarditis is a bacterial infection of the cardiac valves and endocardium with a high level of mortality and morbidity.
These mutations result in current transients from ventricular epicardium to endocardium which culminate in ventricular tachyarrhythmias.
This is how evasively the doctor explains his findings: "There are exudative and proliferative inflammatory alterations of the endocardium, consisting of neurotic debris, fibrinoid material and disintegrating fibroblastic cells.
46) The pericardium and endocardium (including valvular endocardium) can also demonstrate sarcoid granulomas, but these appear to be most commonly extensions of myocardial lesions (Figure 1).
Additional conduction delay from endocardium to epicardium then moves the J wave out of the QRS complex.
The wall of the heart is composed of three layers: the endocardium, the myocardium, and the pericardium.
The boundary lengths of the infarcted and noninfarcted endocardial and epicardial surfaces of all slices were traced and the infarct size was determined as the percentage of infarcted epicardium and endocardium of the LV.
The enhancement pattern is often characteristic, beginning in the epicardial zone and extending to varying degrees into the midmyocardium, with usual sparing of the endocardium, and frequently localized to the inferolateral and lateral walls, and less frequently to the anteroseptal walls (Figure 15).
The heart is like a four-room house: The vinyl siding is epicardium, the walls are myocardium, and the glossy interior paint is endocardium.
Infective endocarditis (IE) is introduced as a potentially fatal microbial infection of the endocardium, that has become increasingly prevalent.
That condition is an infection of the thin membrane that lines the chambers and valves inside the heart, called the endocardium.