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the membrane that lines the cavities of the heart and forms part of the heart valves

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sup][4] For these reasons, RAA tachycardia was sometimes refractory to endocardial and epicardial RF ablation approaches.
9) This has led to the development of the hybrid AF ablation techniques utilizing both a surgical epicardial approach along with a transvenous endocardial approach, attempting to harness the benefits of each strategy while mitigating their shortcomings and hoping to achieve a synergistic benefit.
Endocardial involves implantation of a device to occlude the LAA.
Endocardial RV electroanatomic mapping demonstrated free wall and septal bipolar low voltage indicative of tissue fibrosis.
Despite the fact that eNOS is distributed in all cardiac endothelial cells, there is a significant disparity of eNOS activity between the endocardial endothelial, arterial, venous, and endothelial cells of myocardial capillaries with an exceptionally intense activity in the endocardial endothelial (EE) cells and endothelial cells of coronary arteries.
Cardiac catheterization revealed grade III MR, severe TR severe PAH, mild RV systolic dysfunction, no apical obliteration, no endocardial calcification, fair LV systolic dysfunction with normal coronaries.
The septum primum projected ventrally into the lumen towards endocardial cushions.
Endocardial LAA closure devices also offer minimally invasive transcatheter techniques, such as Boston Scientific's Watchman, St.
In a bullet format with images and illustrations, the text reviews the principles of conventional echo and color-Doppler imaging, the various echo-windows and normal views of cardiac structures, and abnormalities in different forms of heart disease, with attention to congenital, valvular, coronary, hypertensive, myocardial, endocardial, thromboembolic, and pericardial diseases, as well as intracardiac masses, with information on diagnostic pitfalls, differential diagnosis, causative factors, and clinical significance.
Transplantation of LipiCell will be accomplished through endocardial implantations with the MyoStar Injection Catheter under the guidance of the NOGA cardiac navigation system by Biosense Webster, Inc.
Investigators from Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and the Vanderbilt Eye Institute suggests that the protein BVES (blood vessel endocardial substance), which also is key in regulating corneal cells, may be a therapeutic target for halting colon cancer metastasis.
After acquisition of cardiac images, the investigators digitally trace the end-diastolic and end-systolic endocardial contours for both the left and right ventricles, allowing them to determine ventricular volumes.
The accessory mitral valve tissue (AcMV) is an anomaly of embryological development of the endocardial cushion.
Secondly, Jenni et al (9) propose a method based on recognition of a two-layer structure with a compacted thin epicardial band and a much thicker noncompacted endocardial layer of trabecular meshwork with deep endomyocardial spaces, supplied by intraventricular blood on color Doppler, where a maximal end-systolic thickness ratio of noncompacted to compacted layers of >2 is diagnostic.