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the property of being (or seeming to be) without end

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Only loss can wake him, however temporarily, from his own dream of endlessness.
Yet, the unpredictability of her choices also implies the endlessness of her inquiry.
Non-Folly is the appearance of the endlessness of every being.
Yet Derrida's exclusive reliance upon negation for the fixing of determinacy cannot hide a dilemma implicit in the endlessness of the dissemination of meaning that he acknowledges.
Or, as Greensward itself states in a revealing moment, we see the "collection of faces that all animals comprise, and we love them categorically, utterly, is it just envy, the ache out for presence that worries us and why the endlessness.
He was torn up about Oscar and about his own future which he saw stretching away from him into dreary homecare endlessness.
Yes, the desire to record finer and finer lunar detail, using some of the largest telescopes available, turned out to be much less of a holy grail when successive generations of spacecraft brought the Moon ever closer and showed the endlessness and pointlessness of the quest.
In "Another Road in the Road"--a title that speaks to the endlessness of the journey of exile--Darwish writes: "I am from here, I am from there, yet am neither here nor there" (Unfortunately 4).
The rest of the praise poem makes the startling statement that what endures throughout lunar and human frailty is the comforting endlessness of the sun.
Although there are hadiths, or traditions, in Islam that praise the unending quest for knowledge, "implying the endlessness of knowledge itself," (3) there are others that see a world that is steadily deteriorating.
As well as being a resolution between sculpture and painting, his various and complex goals are a constant struggle between the endlessness of art and the necessarily proscribed craft of functional clay objects.
I mean "Pinkie Rankin," the endlessness of whose adventures is beginning to bore some readers so that protests are coming to the editor.
Abhinava comments on this citation of Anandavardhana by saying that one interpretation of this verse would be that it forms a new karika as the endlessness of dhvani has not been adequately explained by the author of the karikas although it has been stated by the author of the vrtiis.
the endlessness of language suggests that language might, like the Omniscope, be able to enclose totality .
Its right then is a single endlessness and its wrong too is a single endlessness" (Watson 1996, 34).