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variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges

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Colourful winter salad leaves like radicchio, treviso and Belgian endive are arranged on individual plates.
90 | for lettuce and endives, [euro]24 I for cucumbers, [euro]44.
Most of what's produced on the farm is purchased by restaurants and hotels; it is very likely that each stem of red, purple or white asparagus you eat in Egypt has come from Makar Farms, or else that delightful endive and goat cheese salad made its way to your plate from here in Sakkara.
Line a tray with baking paper and arrange the endives on it, caramelised side facing up.
Potential winter garden vegetable harvest November December January Fall-crop spinach Radishes Brunswick & & beets "Jan King" cabbage Radishes Escarole Winter leek Tomatillos Ground cherries Endive Ground cherries Watercress Russian kale Celeriac Rutabagas Wintercress Salsify Italian black Escarole cabbage Italian black cabbage Winter lettuce Rutabagas Winter lettuce Sylvetta Peruvian peppers Arugula Marhe November February March Fall-crop spinach Parsnips Russian kale & beets Radishes Wintercress Watercress Tomatillos Watercress Scotch kale Ground cherries Sylvetta Parsnips Celeriac Purple broccoli Salsify Sylvetta Italian black cabbage Arugula Winter lettuce Peruvian peppers (Southern Missouri) Incomplete list
Fill in the space of harvested early summer crops such as broad beans and shallots with follow-on crops such as endives or cabbages.
CUT the end off both the endives and gently break off all the leaves, one by one, arranging them on a serving dish so that they resemble little boats to carry the ingredients.
At each table setting a colorful square platter was displayed holding a tower of tomato confit, fennel, mozzarella, roasted pepper, zucchini and chervil; Belgian endives with Chinese eggplant and roast chicken; and baby sea bass with artichoke, tapenade and basil on a crispy potato round.
Its specialties include 50 lettuces and 75 unusual salad greens, such as rare and hard-to-find chicories and endives from Italy.
Harvest vegetables including the first Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbages, endives, spinach, turnips and Jerusalem artichokes.
has partridge with truffles and endives as one of its entree options as part of a five-course dinner for $75 that starts with chestnut soup with Maine lobster.
The best is now called the Porterhouse salad and it's a delicious melange of mixed greens with beets, endives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and a truffle oil vinaigrette.
Smoked salmon and endives are tossed with a vinegared caper dressing.