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variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges

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At the time, all the mushrooms and endives on the market were imported from the Netherlands and France and were quite expensive so Maalouf, together with his son Marc, saw potential.
Divide radicchio, endive and a r u g u l a among 4 large salad plates.
Spoon mixture over the endives and top each with a slice of ham.
has partridge with truffles and endives as one of its entree options as part of a five-course dinner for $75 that starts with chestnut soup with Maine lobster.
The best is now called the Porterhouse salad and it's a delicious melange of mixed greens with beets, endives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and a truffle oil vinaigrette.
Smoked salmon and endives are tossed with a vinegared caper dressing.
One night, four of us shared three of them: a terrific dish of local sardines in brown butter with fat capers and fried celery leaves ($11); a savory grouping of mixed mushrooms in cream with layered puff pastry ($12); and a great salad combination of endives with baked pear, spicy watercress, aged stilton and crunchy pecans ($11).
Recommended items: Spicy crab soup, steamed mussels and clams, lobster and shiitake mushroom croquettes, fried oysters with romaine and endives, lobster salad, steamed Maine lobster, grilled Eastern black bass, sauteed Alaskan halibut, grilled Pacific swordfish, lump meat crab cakes, chocolate bread pudding, espresso cheesecake.
The sit-down portion of the meal started with smoked salmon cake on Asian greens, was followed by a combination of veal medallion and Cajun prawns with spinach gnocchi and braised endives.
His other use of Peking duck has small chunks of it tossed in aged vinegar with a salad containing mushrooms, endives and frisee ($8.
50), salmon with braised endives and an orange-fennel sauce ($11) and balsamic-glazed roasted peppers stuffed with pine nuts, capers, raisins and anchovies ($6.
Cut off root ends of endives and cut each in 1/2 lengthwise.