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(biochemistry) of a process accompanied by or requiring the absorption of energy

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Turnover of the highest level of complex compounds allowed by the environment will occur when molecules are created through endergonic pathways.
In the drying of jabuticaba peel, the influence of enthalpy was clearly observed, which decreased with the increase in drying temperatures, and its positive values point to endergonic reactions, which require the supply of energy from the environment in which the product is found for the reactions to occur.
Objective: Nature has been harnessing solar energy to drive endergonic life-sustaining reactions such as photosynthesis for billions of years.
Mitochondria operate a sequence of energy conversion processes through which the exergonic flow of electrons along the respiratory complexes supports the endergonic pumping of protons from the matrix to the intermembrane space.
Positive [DELTA]G values are a characteristic of an endergonic reaction, in which the reaction requires an input of energy from the medium for water desorption from the seeds to occur.