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Yaws originated in the Old World, before evolving and spreading with humans to the Middle East and Eastern Europe as endemic syphilis, and then to the Americas as yaws, the team proposes.
This paper proposes that the elimination of endemic syphilis should be adopted as one of Canada's national goals for prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI).
It is unfortunate that the crania pictured in Webb's account do not have associated infracranial remains as Rothschild & Rothschild (1996) have argued that tibial periostitic reaction distinguishes yaws and endemic syphilis from venereal syphilis.
To the Editor: Endemic syphilis, also known as bejel, is a nonvenereal treponematosis with onset in early childhood; the disease is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum subsp.
Although some are sceptical of the goal of eradicating transmission of endemic syphilis, such an achievement is not without precedent.
Endemic syphilis is encountered in dry, hot regions, including Sahelian areas of western Africa and parts of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and the Arabian Peninsula (1-4).