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Synonyms for endeavour



Synonyms for endeavour

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There are very few companies in the Southeast that have the combined capabilities of Maverick Endeavors," said Place, president and CEO of Maverick Endeavors.
The Endeavors and Stream Theory software-streaming platforms are well-positioned to compete aggressively in the software distribution market, taking share from alternatives such as CDs, downloads and push-based products.
Endeavors Technology today announces that Volvo Information Technology AB of Sweden has adopted application-streaming technology as part of its IT Portal outsourced services for schools and colleges.
The Wyse and Endeavors partnership strengthens the fact that implementing centralized IT solutions is the best answer for addressing today's critical customer challenges.
With the addition of the Autodesk Revit 6 product trial, Endeavors is fast creating a sound and repeatable business model for ISVs looking for a piracy-free, trackable method of putting full product software in the hands of prospects in the shortest timeframe, at reduced cost.
Last month, Endeavors announced that another Autodesk product, Discreet(R) 3ds max(R) modeling, animation, and rendering software, will also become available through the streaming trial process to prospective animators and designers.
Endeavors Technology, a leader in on-demand application streaming and desktop application management, today announces that Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc.
The process for the 8-month AutoCAD streaming trial ran behind the scenes through a server system managed for Autodesk by Endeavors Technology.
Endeavors Technology is a leader in developing Web-based products for transferring and sharing digital information.
Called Magi Secure XIM, Endeavors Technology's new software product has been built to leave the IM platform untouched and preserve the user experience and "buddy" lists.
Endeavors joins a select group of SunGard strategic partners and industry bodies to exhibit for the duration of the conference.
Endeavors Technology, developer of Web-enabling solutions for enterprise network infrastructures, today announces the release of Magi Connect(R) software, a document management system adaptor that delivers productivity gains by creating best practice processes for securely and efficiently managing documents while checked out of repositories.
Endeavors Technology, developer of Web-enabling solutions for enterprise network infrastructures, today announces its participation in an HP program aimed at facilitating cross intranet and Internet streaming of applications on-demand to the desktop, and corporate deployment of secure collaboration solutions.