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  • noun

Synonyms for endearment

loving word


  • loving word
  • sweet talk
  • sweet nothing
  • term of affection
  • affectionate utterance

Words related to endearment

the act of showing affection

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References in classic literature ?
He laid the girl down by her mother, who poured out endearments and caresses from an overflowing heart, and one could detect a flickering faint light of response in the child's eyes, but that was all.
From the age of six to that of sixteen, Julia had no other communications with Miss Emmerson than those endearments which neither could suppress, and a constant and assiduous attention on the part of the aunt to the health and attire of her niece.
Now and then familiarity was pushed too far, and would effervesce into a brawl, and a "rough and tumble" fight; but it all ended in cordial reconciliation and maudlin endearment.
This last endearment was tender as in youth, as in times when hearts were warm - life happy.
She could not admit even to herself that she loved him, and yet she had permitted him to apply to her that term of endearment and possession to which a Barsoomian maid should turn deaf ears when voiced by other lips than those of her husband or fiance--"my princess.
She had been wont to call me her Virginian as a term of endearment, for she knew that I loved the sound of that beautiful name, made a thousand times more beautiful and hallowed by her dear lips, and as I heard it again after all those long years my eyes became dimmed with tears and my voice choked with emotion.
Dear Emily,' and 'Yours affectionately'--these conventional phrases, were the only phrases of endearment which they contained.
The term love was a tradition, a part of my region's linguistic heritage, and people were simply employing traditional Black Country endearments.
Solo, multi-talented rapper Aubrey Drake Graham is set to break at least a thousand hearts with these amorous, silky, Kanye West-produced endearments.