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  • noun

Synonyms for endearment

loving word


  • loving word
  • sweet talk
  • sweet nothing
  • term of affection
  • affectionate utterance

Words related to endearment

the act of showing affection

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a of endearment my " Linzi told the court Steele had barged into the house, pushed her against a wall, called her a "slut" and accused her of leaving sex toys in the living room "within children's reach".
Since they didn't have a language in common, they called each other by a term of endearment.
This film and dance turned into a visual motif for all the interstices for the piece," elaborates Parson, who choreographed Smithee with the company and essentially rewrote Terms of Endearment using different poetic forms for each scene.
A lot of that endearment boiled down to Shannon Kelly's operatic singing, her amazing capacity to cover an immense range of emotions with feeling and fullness.
Three - Terms of Endearment, As Good as it Gets and One Flew Over the Cuckoo''s Nest; 8.
The Top 10 weepies according to Sky+HD are : Beaches, The Colour Purple, Schindler's List, Philadelphia, Nights in Rodanthe, PS I Love You, Meet Joe Black, Terms of Endearment, One True Thing, Love Story
It is obvious to normal thinking people that the remark was not intended in a derogatory way, but more one of endearment.
Although the image of a blushing bride may inspire feelings of warmth and endearment, if the redness persists it may be an early sign of rosacea," says Dr.
Mr Campbell, who worked in the Stafford area, said the "snogging" comment was directed at the patient and used as a term of endearment about X.
Baji," an endearment meaning "mother" in Hindi, is what Passion Foods founder Paul Jaggi called his own mother, whose love of laughter and cooking inspired her son to create a line of convenient foods with a global twist.
I appreciate that this is a term of endearment and respect for the great support the said gentleman has given to jump racing over the last 30 years, but it invites a debate as to who is the real Boss.
Larry McMurtry seems to live in two countries: the Old West of Lonesome Dove, and the modern world, populated by unusual women, as in Terms of Endearment.
Nesbitt, who quickly realised the slip-up on the Friday night show, tried to explain that 'fruits is a term of endearment in Northern Ireland'.
Many of them consider an unprintable 12-letter word describing Oedipal intimacy to be "a term of endearment.
Workers have been handed new guidelines which tell them "darling" can be considered an inappropriate term of endearment and that uses of it could constitute an act of sexual harassment.