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Synonyms for endearing

Synonyms for endearing

lovable especially in a childlike or naive way

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 11 ( ANI ): The megastar of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, is celebrating his 75th birthday today and the social media has been lit up with endearing wishes and messages.
Falling in Reverse mostly stays on the side of being endearing, so long as you don't take it all too seriously.
Marie Collins' mournful Michael is achingly endearing thanks to her voice and the clever way she stretches her lyrics across the music where others would keep them in a more structured way.
Freeman is suitably endearing in this misguided black comedy and gets to play opposite his real-life girlfriend Amanda Abbington.
Her hem and haws and squeaks can't help but be endearing, but she appears so unconvinced by the majority of her lines that the trickier bits (like the blithe acknowledgment of her late-in-life sexuality) come off as implausible.
After hours of rowdiness and rough-housing with their new bandit-eyed friend, the team found him so endearing that they voted him an honorary Foundation rider, without having seen him skate.
Albert Lamb's endearing SAM'S WINTER HAT (0439793041, $6.
Martin and Telgemeier have created an endearing graphic novel for young readers.
White's enduring, endearing children's story ``Charlotte's Web,'' which opens Friday, the hero, Wilbur the pig, turns somersaults, head-butts his way through a wood fence and practically smiles while posing for pictures.
There's an endearing quality to the voice of Tommy Lee Tyson, the 28-year-old protagonist of this novel.
A wonderful addition to any personal or community library Fairytale, Folklore & Mythology collections, The Enchanted Lake is very highly recommended as a compendium of Sinead de Valera's most entertaining and endearing Irish fairy tale stories.
Why then is the book so sweet, endearing and even nostalgic?
A vivid and endearing telling of a truly beautiful love and life shared between two extraordinary souls, A Message From Jackie is very highly recommended and ultimately inspired reading.
Engaging the reader with 152 pages of educated writing enhanced with the inclusion of maps, gorgeous colored and b/w illustrations, Geology Of Southeast Alaska ably serves students and travelers alike as a comprehensive introduction and guide to one of Alaska's most endearing and timeless areas.
Van Zant's tales fictionalize, yet explain in easily understood and endearing terms, the hardship and demise of America's wild horses.