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make attractive or lovable

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To Lady Janet he was endeared, not by his own merits only, but by old associations that were connected with him.
But since then the little room had been endeared and consecrated by years of happy childhood dreams and maiden visions.
The meeting between him and those whom he had left there was not without strong emotion on both sides; for they had been informed by his letters of what had occurred: and, besides that his griefs were theirs, they mourned with him the death of one whose forlorn and helpless state had first established a claim upon their compassion, and whose truth of heart and grateful earnest nature had, every day, endeared him to them more and more.
Perhaps then, when we are quaint old folks and talk of the times when our step was lighter and our hair not grey, we may be even thankful for the trials that so endeared us to each other, and turned our lives into that current, down which we shall have glided so peacefully and calmly.
To say the truth, Blifil had greatly gained his master's affections; partly by the profound respect he always showed his person, but much more by the decent reverence with which he received his doctrine; for he had got by heart, and frequently repeated, his phrases, and maintained all his master's religious principles with a zeal which was surprizing in one so young, and which greatly endeared him to the worthy preceptor.
I love the gallery," and thus have endeared herself to the young man.
Those virtues which characterize the young English gentlewoman, those accomplishments which become her birth and station, will not be found wanting in the amiable Miss Sedley, whose INDUSTRY and OBEDIENCE have endeared her to her instructors, and whose delightful sweetness of temper has charmed her AGED and her YOUTHFUL companions.
The gentle manners and beauty of the cottagers greatly endeared them to me; when they were unhappy, I felt depressed; when they rejoiced, I sympathized in their joys.
I think I should feel as if the name had become endeared to me, and I had no right to use it so.
As many restless spirits, who have hunted fortune, fame, or pleasure through the world, retire in their decline to where they first drew breath, vainly seeking to be children once again before they die, so we, less fortunate than they in early life, but happier in its closing scenes, will set up our rest again among our boyish haunts, and going home with no hope realised, that had its growth in manhood-- carrying back nothing that we brought away, but our old yearnings to each other--saving no fragment from the wreck of life, but that which first endeared it--may be, indeed, but children as at first.
He might not have endeared himself to Fabio Capello by over-reacting to get the QPR man sent off, then attending the world darts final and shoving a sign at a TV camera, reading: "Barton, your breath stinks.
Romney, a one-term governor who endeared himself to the Religious Right by opposing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, plans to seek the GOP nomination for the presidency next year.
What may not have endeared him to the White House press corps was this: "Over the last five years, you people were so good--over tax cuts, WMD intelligence, the effect of global warming.
Five exceptional musicians who have endeared themselves to the Master Chorale over recent years will now unite in support of the Chorale, which will benefit from the proceeds.
Regardless of that switch or perhaps because of it, he endeared himself to many other gay conservatives.