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  • verb

Synonyms for endanger

put at risk

Synonyms for endanger

to subject to danger or destruction

Synonyms for endanger

pose a threat to

put in a dangerous, disadvantageous, or difficult position

References in classic literature ?
Several times she attempted to press the point home into the cat's body, but on both occasions the fear of endangering the ape-man caused her to desist, but at last the two lay motionless for a moment as the carnivore sought a moment's rest from the strenuous exertions of battle, and then it was that Bertha Kircher pressed the point of the spear to the tawny side and drove it deep into the savage heart.
To-mar and So-al were now about fitted for their advent into Kro-lu society and must therefore leave us, as we could not accompany them without incurring great danger ourselves and running the chance of endangering them; but each swore to be always our friend and assured us that should we need their aid at any time we had but to ask it; nor could I doubt their sincerity, since we had been so instrumental in bringing them safely upon their journey toward the Kro-lu village.
The Major was twirling them round by the little chain from which they sometimes hung to their lady's waist, and was thereby endangering his own eye.
It was reversing all the order of society, and, according to his established opinions, endangering the dignity of a chief, for a warrior thus to humble himself before a woman.
Who calls himself a friend and rides like that, abusing Heaven's gifts in the shape of horseflesh, and endangering, not only his own neck (which might be no great matter) but the necks of other people?
the wrong way,' and thereby endangering his life for some seconds), the party walked forth in quest of a Hampstead stage.
At present I am ready to promise that the instant that I can communicate with you without endangering my own combinations, I shall do so.
Fish and Wildlife Service, and depending on their biological opinion, they will tell us whether or not there's an effect on reopening, to make sure we're not endangering the toad.