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  • verb

Synonyms for endanger

put at risk

Synonyms for endanger

to subject to danger or destruction

Synonyms for endanger

pose a threat to

put in a dangerous, disadvantageous, or difficult position

References in classic literature ?
I am sorry that my society should endanger the safety of your journey.
That little romance runs smoothly so far; I hope it may to the end," said Polly heartily as she watched the lad tramp away, whistling as blithely as if his pleasurable emotions must find a vent, or endanger the buttons on the round jacket; while the girl pranced on her own doorstep, as if practising for the joyful dance which she had promised not to forget.
The rich supernumerary never alarms the other clerks; they know he does not endanger their interests, for he seeks only the highest posts in the administration.
He also observed that if the projectile did not succeed in reaching its destination (a result absolutely impossible), it must inevitably fall back upon the earth, and that the shock of such a mass, multiplied by the square of its velocity, would seriously endanger every point of the globe.
That's what I say; nobody here, you understand, HERE, can endanger your position.