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the ultimate user for which something is intended

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Typically end-user software solutions are inexpensive software packages that consumers can purchase and install directly onto their home PCs.
Department of State has proposed the usage of blanket end-user agreements to help remedy the lengthy third party approval process.
Marcinko (1997) defines document delivery as the transfer of photocopies as well as routing an image to the e-mail account of another end-user (p.
Rack mount PDU, with the ability to offer multiple outputs and serve end-user applications more effectively, is popular among the data centers/server farms, explains the analyst of this research service.
Particular attention is paid to the impact of information on clinical decisions and patient care and to developments in end-user searching of health care databases.
The military, defence, and aerospace end-user segments have always been among the highest contributors of revenues to digital oscilloscope vendors.
Several end-user manufacturers still use their own home-grown PLM solutions that are not entirely capable of solving real-time and real-world challenges such as collaboration, information sharing, and enterprise wide content management.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled Asia Pacific Contact Center Market - End User Analysis - Thailand provides an end-user perspective of Thailand contact centers on industry growth trends, technology and operational priorities.
In addition to their end-user satisfaction and 10 business day turnaround guarantee, Website Experts has a first-in first-out production queue ensuing that every end-user is treated equally, regardless of their referring partner's size or volume.
IT and IT security departments are chiefly responsible for creating end-user desktop usage policies, with 43 percent and 16 percent hailing from these two departments, respectively.
Automatic reporting allows resellers to send regular status and update e-mails to the end-user
In fact, end-users readily acknowledge a link between seeing an advertisement in multiple business-to-business media and having a brand be more top-of-mind, highlighting the benefits of advertising in different media.
Slash end-user downtime, saving $100,000 in end-user productivity: In the past, ARMC had to take Terminal Services users offline and take possession of PC users' machines when deploying, upgrading and terminating applications.
End-User Industry Growth, Trends and Analysis: healthcare/pharma, research, industrial.