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(verse) having a rhetorical pause at the end of each line


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His challenge to Newton's over-analytical rainbow comes through a link between sound and light in harmonies that are spiritual--and she returns to the end-stopped form of the versicles to trace Smart's linking of lightning, thunder, and "the voice of God" as a "thunder-stop" to the end-stopping of the lines.
Even if Sidney and his imitators did not hold always and strictly to the music of the spheres, they held to the music of poetry and Parker demonstrates how such sounds are created in units and sequences more deeply than in end-stopped rhymes.
Even the lines are calmly rhythmic, each being end-stopped, and all being undisturbed by pointed or strong verbal caesuras.
However, the sestet's first line, though a full clause, is not end-stopped and introduces, with the mention that the reader has to "shade" his eyes to watch the barge "lessening westward" in the next line, the first indication of somberness and of an impediment to clear sight.
23) "Heart," Middle English herte, Old English heorte, proto-Germanic *hertan-, has been word-final end-stopped throughout its evolutionary history; vowel shifts mark out these stages of historical development, part rule-governed and part by pragmatic adaptation.
What is passionately daring in these lines is to take impetus from the heart's own life so as to reach the very threshold itself of the soul's subsequently continuing immortality: the closed end of one state opening the portal to the freedom of the other, from heart to soul, across the line marked by the end-stopped "almost.
42) To the modern reader this initial failure of resolved, other-directed loving attachment strongly suggests an attributed primal narcissism, as if, very obliquely, Eve is being prepared for sacrifice; but an alternatively directed enquiry may observe in the diction employed a preponderant density of end-stopped formations: "That day I oft remember, when from sleep / I first awaked, and found myself reposed, / Under a shade of flowers .
Here these end-stopped markers may indeed intimate a tacit critique of Eve's predicament: she has been taken out of Adam (membered) but now she self-discovers to be shut in, unable to escape this initial regression.
33) For the reinforced fixation of end-stopped features compare also the effect of punctuation: "sweet,"; "blood,"; "heart,"; "trust,"; "gift,"; "mood," (twice); "suspended,"; these end-stops are also pause-stopped, and this suspensive grammatical pausing is also intensely motivated.
Nickel is an accomplished violinist as well as a poet, and her musical sense is evident in every technical aspect of "Busking," from her accomplished rhymes to her skillful combination of enjambed and end-stopped lines.
Proof: that first very factual sentence cast as an end-stopped line.
By contrast, Stanza 2 makes way for four end-stopped lines, which re-enact the abrupt interruption of "drifting rain" by "native stone.
Now it seems I'm standing on a pierhead watching him All the while watching me as he rows out And a wooden end-stopped stern Labours and shimmers and dips, Making no real headway.
In Italian, Dante's hard rhymes do not stick out as violently as tripled hard rhyme would do in English, especially if it were end-stopped.
The end-stopped first line emphasizes the artifice of the voice, since the writer must "lie" even to begin, explaining several lines later that "here I am, up to my usual tricks - evoking spring-time on the least pretext.