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(American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running around the end of the line

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through dirty deals that end-run your own legitimate roles as elected leaders.
The Maryland plan would make an end-run around public debate by building on privately owned land.
3 the XML VPN proxy can digitally sign messages destined for internal services to prevent end-run attacks by external applications that could otherwise directly contact internal services protected by the XML VPN.
and thus, with the aid of American power brokers, would make an effective end-run around the protections embedded in the Constitution.
The legislation would end-run situations similar to what happened when American Savings Bank was closed by the FDIC and the agency initially refused to insure a portion of the money in mortgage escrow accounts that exceeded its deposit limit of $100,000.
Certain individuals in the current administration may have been, or are currently, encouraging an end-run around sound public administration and legitimate business principles while fattening the wallets of certain lobbyists.
But the district has fought the petition, and now, joining forces with UTLA, it hopes to do an end-run around the entire process.
Beyond facilitating unprecedented studies of the human central nervous system, the accomplishment may provide an ethical end-run around controversial transplants of fetal brain cells.
amp;uot;The need for reconsideration of the Second Circuit's decision has become more compelling recently, due to the FCC's efforts to distort that decision and make an end-run around Bankruptcy Code protections that Congress unambiguously has provided to companies reorganizing in bankruptcy,&uot; said NextWave's spokesperson.
Until Schwarzenegger pulled an end-run around the gridlocked Legislature on Thursday, they feared they wouldn't get any car-tax money at all this year.
Today's ruling prevents school districts from doing an end-run around Proposition 227," said Pacific Legal Foundation attorney, Sharon L.
The main impact of AB 1058 would be to end-run the federal government's decision not to increase fuel efficiency standards, to make SUV ownership more difficult, and to reduce the amount of driving we do.
While Fortune 100 companies are spending millions of dollars and taking years to install enterprise-class purchasing solutions, Trilogy's Buying Chain has end-run the market with a complete system and supplier network that any size organization can afford.