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rhymed on the terminal syllables of the verses

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58) Again, it would be unwise to claim any necessary role for music in forming stanzas, since, centuries earlier, rhymed Latin verse had provided simple stanzaic forms, as lines with both internal and end-rhyme were broken in half to form end-rhymed stanzas.
An analysis of the proportions of the end-rhymed words or those of other divisions produces very similar results.
Niedecker at times used a five-line stanza whose third and fourth lines are end-rhymed, as in her long poem "Paean to Place," wherein she evokes the sound of Wisconsin waterfowl while remembering her deaf mother:
948) but saved his own life by composing in a single night the long praise poem Hofuthlausn ("Head Ransom") praising Erik in a unique end-rhymed meter.
The holistic approach precludes any monocausal derivation of the poetic code solely from the linguistic structures, as demonstrated in four discrete areas: syntactic parallelism as found in many literary systems; Germanic alliterative verse as represented in the Beowulf epic; the Welsh mesurau caeth, which also deploy alliteration; and English end-rhymed verse.