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the ultimate user for which something is intended

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Other organizations attempt to remove as much records management decision-making as possible from the end user.
The bitways, middleware, applications and hardware necessary for decision-support databases for each end user exist and are being used in local and enterprise applications.
Two third-party archival data surveys - one designed for VARs and the other for end users - queried more than 350 resellers from across industries and storage environments and more than 450 IT staff and storage administrators from a cross section of functions and titles to discover the level of awareness of archival storage problems faced by IT staffs and to find out what current approaches they are using to meet long-term archiving requirements.
Using the Symptom Database, it can alert administrators to symptoms that will affect end users and provide solutions before the end user experiences any issues.
That is, rather than a software developer or system integrator attempting to anticipate available, desired, or required end-user devices, such as PDA, smart phones, notebook computers, workstations, or yet-to-be-invented devices (and writing unique and expensive, maintenance-hungry code for each one), the User Proxy allows the application to write to a "super device" and then, dynamically, in real time, reconciles both the formatting of the application's data, and the device interface protocols, to match the device that the end user is using at that moment.
At SNW Spring, the EUC will be launching the third annual end user survey -- focused on "interoperability.
What's more, the iSOC is based on a distributed architecture, so the end user can leverage existing analogue products and networking, computer and storage infrastructure.
org User Group (SNUG) members, and Storage Networking World (SNW) end user attendees were among the 252 respondents who completed the 2005 EUC Survey online questionnaire, preserving continuity with the same target audiences as the 2004 Survey.
X-Strikes Enhancements - The popular X-Strikes feature has been enhanced to allow organizations to further enforce their Internet Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and remind end users that repeated attempts to access inappropriate material is unacceptable.
Quest End User Performance Management Solution Pinpoints the Source of Application Performance Issues, Expediting the Time to Resolution
A single web interface enables the end user to download software and generate all electronic licenses required to activate and run a new product purchase.
However, home-grown solutions employed by major end users remain a critical challenge for the industry, thwarting penetration rates.
The service will include an option for end users to choose from over 3000 Flash-enabled templates in over 100 business verticals.
According to the results of the "Desktop Usage Policies and Trends Survey," released today, a large number of end users not only have administrative rights over their machines, but many aren't complying with usage policies set by IT.