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the ultimate user for which something is intended

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Is the highest quality, most accurate, and complete records management achieved within an enterprise when the desktop end user is minimally involved in records management decisions?
Two third-party archival data surveys - one designed for VARs and the other for end users - queried more than 350 resellers from across industries and storage environments and more than 450 IT staff and storage administrators from a cross section of functions and titles to discover the level of awareness of archival storage problems faced by IT staffs and to find out what current approaches they are using to meet long-term archiving requirements.
The bitways, middleware, applications and hardware necessary for decision-support databases for each end user exist and are being used in local and enterprise applications.
Power and Associates Computer End User Satisfaction Study was conducted among business users.
End-to-end system management where end user performance is correlated with system level information is a capability sought after by system administrators," said David Coyle, Research Director, Gartner.
Without Authentium's trusted security extensions, banks and other vendors of consumer web applications have no idea if third-party spyware and other insidious applications have infiltrated a given end user machine," said Helmuth Freericks, CTO of Authentium.
What's more, the iSOC is based on a distributed architecture, so the end user can leverage existing analogue products and networking, computer and storage infrastructure.
SAN FRANCISCO -- 2006 EUC Survey on Interoperability to Launch at SNW; End User Council Plans Rich Slate of End User Panel Discussions and Town Hall Meetings
Called the "User Proxy," Webalo has invented a new type of Web service that acts as a stand-in for the user in "cyberspace," serves as the sole mediator between all Web services and an end user, and a provides a consistent, full-featured proxy for all possible end-user interface devices.
org User Group (SNUG) members, and Storage Networking World (SNW) end user attendees were among the 252 respondents who completed the 2005 EUC Survey online questionnaire, preserving continuity with the same target audiences as the 2004 Survey.
However, with the 8e6 R3000 filter, even if the end user changes the search settings, the R3000 will force all Google and Yahoo
The Quest End User Performance Management solution is available now with pricing starting at $30,000 USD.
However, the existence of a number of similar solutions could confuse end users and PLM providers will have to work toward defining industry standards for various solutions that comprise cPDm solutions.
This not only saves us significant costs, it also makes us much more agile and greatly accelerates our ability to get applications to end users the moment they need them," said Andy Gerringer, senior network administrator, ARMC.