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(American football) an attempt to advance the ball by running around the end of the line

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Idahoans should resist this end run around their wishes by calling, writing and texting the governor, state and federal elected representatives.
Tickets for the West End run go on general sale on July 4.
End Run said he called the press together to "rub it in your face.
A hit at the Edinburgh Festival, Blackbird gets a much deserved West End run.
Her performance was such a hit that she has now been written into the production for the last two weeks of the show's West End run from September 27 to October 9.
Meanwhile, in an end run, our guest had commandeered the clicker.
3799 amounts to "an unconstitutional end run around the separation of powers.
THEATRE bosses have extended Denise Van Outen's West End run by a month to meet public demand.
General Electric, RCA, and other companies deliberately acquired patents to block competition, an end run around antitrust law that evaded serious judicial scrutiny until mid-century.
If those elected aren't concerned about this very apparent end run at a time when Parliament was not sitting, they should be, as should all Canadian s.
With Naval security agents on their heels, The New York Times investigative journalists Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew have made a successful end run around stacks of secrecy oaths and the locked lips of the Silent Service to make public some of the most astounding military operations of the Cold War.
The bill's tortured effort to end run the First Amendment by punishing kids directly fails under the Constitution because children have rights under the First Amendment, like all other citizens.
Welsh former Holby City actress Ella Smith, who is soon to bow out ofaWest End run of hit comedy Fat Pig with Page, told us she had been on the other end of her practical jokes since they started rehearsing together- bursting on in her backstage and leaving fake cat poo in her dressing room
As the Legislature fast-tracks a bill to reform Los Angeles Unified, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other local officials voiced concern Tuesday that the school board might try an end run to delay the impact of the measure.
He has spent a good deal of his life encouraging industrial production and jobs to leave our shores, shoveling taxpayer-funded welfare to corrupt foreign governments, debasing our currency, peddling influence, doing an end run around the Constitution, and damaging our national sovereignty by encouraging trade with an aggressive Communist Chinese government whose business interests are controlled by its military machine.