end point

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a place where something ends or is complete

the final point in a process


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We believe strongly that the use of NT-proBNP as a surrogate end point will encourage development of targeted therapeutics to improve patient care and survival in patients suffering from this rare and fatal disease.
For more complex end points, the development of alternatives has been a daunting task.
Neocleus addressees the growing end point management and security complexities that now face dispersed organizations.
Using the YCSB benchmark, End Point scaled each database from 1 to 32 nodes for a variety of tests that included load, insert heavy, read intensive, analytic, and other typical transactional workloads.
Although financial services companies are now paying more attention to how they secure their enterprise infrastructure and protect their resources, the end point is becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks and significantly more complex and costly to manage.
The biomarker validation process: the process that deems a biomarker fit to act as a surrogate end point in clinical trials.
The field of toxicogenomics integrates the data-rich science of transcript profiling with traditional toxicological end point evaluation.
Successful proposals must 1) address biomarkers that are measured in biological media; an actual disease end point is not considered to be a biomarker of effect; 2) focus on one of the following emphasis areas: the reproductive system, the brain/nervous system, the immune system, or the respiratory system; 3) link the biomarker(s) to a toxic end point through an observation of a statistical relationship between the marker and the end point or through a link to a mechanism of action (key precursor event); 4) be relevant or related to environmental exposures; and 5) consider, as much as possible, issues of validation, robustness, and capacity for high-throughput applications.
This research service "North American Enterprise IP Telephony End Point Markets" provides an in-depth analysis of the factors impacting the market as well as key market trends, competitive landscape, demand forecasts, and market share.
End Point Security, split tunneling, strong authentication and other key features are fully integrated to the client * Advanced application optimization with a new adaptive Single Sign-On handler, protocol Single Sign-On and application integration * Identity Federation interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) enabling cross-domain application access and smooth integration of SaaS * Extended end-point control of mobile devices * Self service account management empowering end users management control over their account and reducing administration * An OATH server extending the wide range of already supported authentication mechanisms and enabling universal adopting of strong authentication
The primary efficacy end point for achieving ocular anesthesia (p<0.
Only one toxic end point, sister chromatid exchanges in vitro, which may indicate mutagenicity, was significantly higher in the HPV chemical set as compared to the reference set.
EDSTAC outlines a protocol for Amphibia in which the larvae (tadpoles) of Xenopus laevis are exposed to the test substance for 14 days, with the tail resorption rate as the main end point (18).
Findings Suggest Automated End Point Solutions Essential as Mobile Laptops Not Secured Quickly Enough; Customers Not Sure If Microsoft Windows Vista Will Help
To show that a postulated mode of action is operative, it is generally necessary to outline the sequence of events leading to the toxicologic or disease end point and to identify key events that can be measured, often through biomarkers.