end point

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Synonyms for end point

a place where something ends or is complete

the final point in a process


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Most garment construction textbooks, sewing books and patterns instruct sewists to stitch darts from the base to the end point.
Multivariate analysis showed the presence of CKD was an independent risk factor for the primary composite end point," the researchers wrote.
The rate of the secondary efficacy end point was significantly lower in the clopidogrel plus ASA group at 16.
In this context, she chairs the European cosmetics industry trade association's Eye Irritation Task Force that co-ordinates their research program in this end point.
End point virtualization is the next logical extension of server virtualization.
The tight-control patients, having achieved a mean blood pressure of 144/82 mm Hg at 9 years, had 24% fewer diabetes-related end points, 32% fewer diabetes-related deaths, 44% fewer strokes, and 37% fewer microvascular end points than did the less-tight-control group, who had mean blood pressures of 154/87 mm Hg (BMJ 317[7160]:703-13, 1998).
Neocleus has achieved this breakthrough by enhancing the Xen Open Source Hypervisor, transforming it into an end point oriented Hypervisor.
Losartan-based therapy was associated with a highly significant 15% reduction in the primary composite end point relative to atenolol-based treatment, regardless of BMI category.
You can also choose a street address or Pocket Outlook contact as a start or end point.
However, before any type of biomarker is used as a surrogate end point in the drug development process, it must be validated to ensure the confidence of regulatory bodies.
Toxicogenomics studies are generally built on standard toxicology studies generating biological end point data, and as such, one goal of toxicogenomics is to detect relationships between changes in gene expression and in those biological parameters.
using genomics or proreomics) of toxicant response linked to clinical disease--for example, the identification of the functional relevance of proteins where genetic polymorphisms have been found to modify the effect of an environmental exposure on a disease end point.
com/reports/c51889) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: "North American Enterprise IP Telephony End Point Markets" to their offering.
End Point Security, split tunneling, strong authentication and other key features are fully integrated to the client * Advanced application optimization with a new adaptive Single Sign-On handler, protocol Single Sign-On and application integration * Identity Federation interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) enabling cross-domain application access and smooth integration of SaaS * Extended end-point control of mobile devices * Self service account management empowering end users management control over their account and reducing administration * An OATH server extending the wide range of already supported authentication mechanisms and enabling universal adopting of strong authentication
The primary efficacy end point for achieving ocular anesthesia (p<0.