neuromuscular junction

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Synonyms for neuromuscular junction

the junction between a nerve fiber and the muscle it supplies

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The effect of metal end plates on reducing checking of pentachlorophenol-treated Douglas-fir crossarms was evaluated over 13 wet-dry cycles.
While the adhesive is setting, you can move on to making the sliding end plate.
The most common progressive findings were disk signal loss (10%), progressive facet arthrosis (10%), or increased end plate changes (4%).
The most favorable method for producing large series components, such as end plates for electric motors, is by casting.
The pump features a special alloy body and end plate and is tested to last up to 10 times longer than cast-iron pumps when pumping harsh chemicals.
The unit's end plate, cylindrical screen and shaft-mounted paddle assembly can be removed in less than one minute, providing access to sanitize all material contact surfaces.
The FAA has proposed a document that supersedes AD 98-13-10, which is applicable to all Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) Model 182S aircraft and which currently requires repetitive inspections of all engine exhaust muffler end plates (four total) for cracks and replacement of any end plate found to be cracked.
The shape of the three-sided single piece casing, the end plate, and the overall shape of the Xi3 Modular Computer, as well as Xi3, Modular, Xi3 Modular, and ISYS Technologies are trademarks and unique trade dress of ISYS Technologies, Inc.
VisuALIF's open access allows a physician to visualize the disc space for in-situ implant preparation, prepare for optimal end plate contact and maximize a large volume of graft.
Hinging open the bearing-free end plate at the overs/discharge end of the screening chamber allows rapid removal of the unit's internal baffle plate, screen cylinder, and helical paddle/feed screw assembly.
The rubber sleeve is secured to the end plate through a series of wedging points for a strong and safe attachment even when the rubber is softened by exposure to high temperatures.
A split-control end plate is a device that is inserted into the end of a railroad crosstie to prevent the formation of new splits or the expansion of existing splits.
The axon arrives at the motor end plate and sprouts nerve endings, but voluntary muscular contraction may still not be possible due to a "maturation" phase involving nerve, end plate, and muscle.
Segmented End Plate Simplifies Fiber Optic Network Connectivity