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a specialized structure at the peripheral end of some motor or sensory nerve fibers

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You really have to look for end organ damage in these women.
For example, chronic liver disease from hepatitis infection or alcohol damage; lung damage from smoking or from unknown causes (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis); and kidney damage or failure secondary to diabetes or following transplantation, represent different routes to common end organ damage and ultimately failure.
This new screening will allow us to detect SCID early enough to diminish end organ damage by minimizing patient illness, while also allowing us to have an optimal amount of time to offer hematopoietic stem cell transplantation," said Dr.
Treatment of chronic hypertension in pregnancy does not appear to prevent preeclampsia, but it can prevent end organ damage and should be considered in patients with a diastolic blood pressure greater than 100 mm Hg, according to Dr.
We believe that the future of ED treatment lies in compounds that act on the central nervous system and effectively modify the condition, rather than targeting end organ erectile function.
The total artificial heart leads to recovery of end organ function in the most critically ill patients, allowing transplantation to be performed when the patient is more stable - which ultimately helps facilitate better outcomes following transplantation," Dr.
This recognition further validates our belief that VTP-27999 may offer a powerful approach to blood pressure control and, importantly, providing superior end organ protection.
By inhibiting renin directly, VTP-27999 should provide superior end organ protection versus currently available drug classes.
This is in sharp contrast to all currently marketed therapeutics that only target end organ erectile function and come with serious adverse reactions.
This is a departure from the current standard of care, PDE-5 inhibitors, which only target end organ erectile function.
The SDF-1 repair pathway is conserved in most end organ systems, including the heart, peripheral vasculature, kidney, skin, liver and eye.